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  1. Full summary. Chapter 986: "My name" (Oda uses "sessha" in "my", like samurai talked). In the cover, Lola and Chiffon don't believe Pound is their father so they set sail without him. Denjiro and Kinemon reach the back door of the castle. Kiku and Raizo are crying, Kanjuurou is lying on the ground with blood around him. They walk past Kanjuro and enter into the castle. All Orochi's subordinates (ninja and samurai) swear allegiance to Kaidou (they have no loyalty to Orochi to begin with). Kaidou still can't believe that Momonosuke is actually Oden's son, so he will ask Momonosuke the same question he asked 20 years ago ("What's your name?"). If Momonosuke answers that he isn't Oden's son, Kaidou will spare his life. Luffy and Yamato side. Luffy takes out Yamato's handcuff and throw them away in case handcuff blows up. Ulti and Who's Who (both are separated) receive a report saying that Luffy and Yamato are heading to the stage, so they are heading there too. Page One isn't with Ulti. Usopp, Chopper and the Red Scabbards are heading to the stage too. Law is walking somewhere in the castle. Kid and Zoro are still fighting Kaidou's men. Back to the stage, Momonosuke replies Kaidou's question. He announces he's Kozuki Momonosuke, son of Kozuki Oden and that he will be the shogun of Wanokuni. When Momonosuke finishes, he has some emotional thoughts and flashbacks about his parents. When Kaidou is about to kill Momonosuke, the wall explodes because of Yamato's handcuff. The bomb in Yamato's handcuff seems to be way stronger than normal prisoners' bombs. Yamato is very angry now that she knows Kaidou actually would kill her, so she won't regard Kaidou as her father anymore. But Luffy stops "Yama-o" (he's using "o", which means man, like he does with Law (Torao) and Kid (Gizao)) and says they are not the one who will officially begin this battle. Then, the Red Scabbards barge through the wall behind Kaidou in the stage. Izou shots the sword off King's hand. Kaidou shouts that their swords are useless against him. But as the Red Scabbards jump at him. Kaidou has a flashback about the day he almost lost to Oden and sees the image of Oden jumping at him at the same time the Red Scabbards jump. Kaidou stops for a second. The Red Scabbards shout "Sunacchi!!" and attack Kaidou. Kawamatsu blocks King with his katana, Inuarashi does the same with Jack and Queen. Nekomamushi almost reaches Kaidou with his claw but Kaidou grabs his head. Ashura, Kiku and Raizou are behind the other. Kinemon and Denjiro are the only one that strab their swords in Kaidou's body. After the attack, Kaidou and the Red Scabbards fall off the stage... END Chapitre 986: "Mon nom" (Oda utilise "sessha" dans "mon", comme le parler des samouraïs ). ▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎ Dans la couverture, Lola et Chiffon ne croient pas que Pound est leur père, alors ils ont mis les voiles sans lui. ●●●●●●●●● Denjiro et Kinemon atteignent la porte arrière du château. Kiku et Raizo pleurent, Kanjuurou est allongé par terre avec du sang autour de lui. Ils passent devant Kanjuro et entrent dans le château. Tous les subordonnés d'Orochi (ninja et samouraï) jurent allégeance à Kaidou (ils n'ont aucune loyauté envers Orochi pour commencer). Kaidou n'arrive toujours pas à croire que Momonosuke est en fait le fils d'Oden, alors il posera à Momonosuke la même question qu'il a posée il y a 20 ans ("Comment tu t'appelles?"). Si Momonosuke répond qu'il n'est pas le fils d'Oden, Kaidou épargnera sa vie. Côté Luffy et Yamato. Luffy sort les menottes de Yamato et les jette au cas où les menottes exploseraient. Ulti et Who's Who (tous deux séparés) reçoivent un rapport disant que Luffy et Yamato se dirigent vers la scène, alors ils s'y dirigent aussi. Page One n'est pas avec Ulti. Usopp, Chopper et les fourreaux rouges se dirigent également vers la scène. Law marche quelque part dans le château. Kid et Zoro combattent toujours les hommes de Kaidou. De retour sur scène, Momonosuke répond à la question de Kaidou. Il annonce qu'il est Kozuki Momonosuke, fils de Kozuki Oden et qu'il sera le shogun de Wanokuni. Lorsque Momonosuke a terminé, il a des pensées émotionnelles et des flashbacks sur ses parents. Lorsque Kaidou est sur le point de tuer Momonosuke, le mur explose à cause des menottes de Yamato. La bombe dans les menottes de Yamato semble être bien plus forte que les bombes normales des prisonniers. Yamato est très en colère maintenant qu'elle sait que Kaidou la tuerait, alors elle ne considérera plus Kaidou comme son père. Mais Luffy arrête "Yama-o" (il utilise "o", qui signifie homme, comme il le fait avec Law (Torao) et Kid (Gizao)) et dit qu'ils ne sont pas ceux qui commenceront officiellement cette bataille. Ensuite, les fourreaux rouges pénètrent à travers le mur derrière Kaidou dans la scène. Izou tire l'épée de la main de King. Kaidou crie que leurs épées sont inutiles contre lui. Mais alors que les fourreaux rouges lui sautent dessus. Kaidou a un flashback sur le jour où il a failli perdre contre Oden et voit l'image d'Oden lui sauter dessus en même temps que les Red Scabbards sautent. Kaidou s'arrête une seconde. Les fourreaux rouges crient "Sunacchi !!" et attaque Kaidou. Kawamatsu bloque King avec son katana, Inuarashi fait de même avec Jack et Queen. Nekomamushi atteint presque Kaidou avec sa griffe mais Kaidou attrape sa tête. Ashura, Kiku et Raizou sont derrière l'autre. Kinemon et Denjiro sont les seuls à enfoncer leurs épées dans le corps de Kaidou. Après l'attaque, Kaidou et les fourreaux rouges tombent de la scène ... FIN
  2. Les premières images !
  3. Sur cette image, c'est bien l'épée de Kiku qui est imprégné de sang ? Elle en aurait déjà finit avec Kanjuro 🤔 ?
  4. Les premières images !!!!!! Je reste persuadé que Orochi n'est pas mort et qu'une spécificité de son fruit va le sauver. La page où Orochi se fait couper me donner des frissons, on voit rarement ce genre de scène montrer de manière implicite dans One Piece. Edit : From Redon: Chapter 985: "New Onigashima Project". In the Color Spread, Luffy, Law and Kid are riding a parrot while eating lunchbox together. The samurai and Law meet Kanjuro at the back entrance of Onigashima. Kanjuro knows they'd make it somehow so he's been waiting. He also drew headless samurais to guard the doors. Kiku fights Kanjuro while the others take care of the underlings. Inuarashi has a sword attached to his severed leg (like Shiki). Yamato knows Luffy is Ace's brother, she's been waiting for him since she expects to get on his ship like Oden did. Yamato wanted to get on Ace's ship but Kaidou put the shackles on her since she was 8 years old. The shackles would explode if she leaves Wanokuni. Luffy asks if it's OK for her since he will beat her dad. Yamato says she already fought with Kaidou several times and she was beaten again and again. Luffy offers to take her shackles off but then Kaidou's voice broadcasts througout Onigashima. Kaido said that the World Government got rid of the Ouka Shichibukai since they have acquired new military power. But Kaidou and Big Mom will also acquire an Ancient Weapon and will start a war. Big Mom enters at the banquet hall with a japanese ghost army. Nami and Carrot seems to be captured by the ghosts. Kaidou and Big Mom announce together that it's time to take One Piece!! Kaido will move Onigashima to the Flower Capital, turns the entire Wanokuni into lawless pirate empire. He calls it "New Onigashima". Orochi protests, saying that Wanokuni is his land, but Kaidou immediately cuts his head off with a sword. Kaidou offers Orochi's subordinates 2 choices: become pirates and join him, or die. After taking over Wanokuni, Kaidou will make Yamato a general overseeing this new pirate empire. Luffy and Yamato falling out of the roof, they fight through Kaidou's subordinates together. One underling is calling the Tobiroppo... END
  5. Si les spoils sont confirmés, c'est une dinguerie monumentale surtout la partie sur Orochi !!!!
  6. Les premières images ! Edit : Le nom du chapitre est "Ma bible" Yamato a trouvé le journal d'Oden à Kuri ! Yamato: "So I'm going to open up this country! I'd like to fight alongside you!" Luffy: "Huh? You said "son" didn't you?" Yamato: "Kozuki Oden was a man right? So I became a man! You're really strong, you haven't shown your all!" Yamato: "Reminds me of Ace... " Odabox: Kaido's daughter Self-professed Kozuki Oden Yamato
  7. Apparemment il y a un petit changement dans les spoils à la fin, c'est pas Luffy qui pense à Ace quand il voit Yamato mais le contraire
  8. Je sens venir le Yamato hyper fan de Oden depuis qu'il a assisté à son exécution, ça pourrait expliquer ces éléments mêmes si c'est pas grand chose
  9. More details - There is a Wolf Smile user, he's like Holdem with a wolf in the abdomen. - Zoro cuts in a half a tower with a lot of Beast Pirates. - There are a lot of new Smile user, like a gorilla, a giraffe or a mantis (I think). - Apoo hits Luffy in the face with a sonic wave, then he cuts Zoro and finally he sends a explosion to Luffy. - Luffy and Zoro lost Kinemon's costumes
  10. Sur Reddit et les différents discord, ils disent qu'il est peut-être possible que ça soit lui le fils de Kaido. (C'était lors de Punk Hazard)
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