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  1. Au vu du net des cheveux, je ne vois que Hyori comme personne possible ou encore Toki 🤔
  2. Sûrement Hyori qui est avec eux 🤔
  3. - The chapter begins with the headliner Speed. Tama had traveled to Onigashima on Speed's ship. - It seems that the headliners and the Gifters are eating dangos to become allies. - Franky Vs. Sasaki. - Nami uses the "Thunderlance Tempo" against Ulti. - Usopp shoots dangos at enemies. - Black Maria says something about Nico Robin to Sanji (in the sketch). - Bao Huang finds the Red Scabbards with her ability. - King orders something to Black Maria. - It seems that in the area where the Red Scabbards are there are not only 9 people, there are 10 according to Bao Huang. That 10th person is helping them.
  4. Petit supplément : Le Cp0 regrettent la mort de leur partenaire Orochi et que ce banquet se soit transformer en combat générale. (Même s’il est peu probable que Orochi soit mort selon moi)
  5. Les images en meilleures qualités !
  6. Petite info sur le chapitre : Il y a 17 pages dont 3 doubles pages
  7. Perso j’espère que Barbe Noire ne viendra pas à Wano Kuni surtout pour venir voler le fruit de Kaido où quoi ça ferait trop redondant. J’espère que on se concentrera sur lui dans un arc dédier à son affrontement contre Luffy
  8. Je me suis dit la même chose concernant la VivreCard peut-être que Ace l’a donné à quelqu’un au cas où il lui y arriverait quelque chose et ça peut devenir vachement intéressant si c’est un personnage qui peut rééquilibrer le combat sur le toit avec les deux Yonkou
  9. Complément : Big Mom dit à Kaido : « Comment lui as-tu permis de te frapper comme ça ? » Luffy utilise le Gear 3 avec une attaque qui s’appele Red Rock
  10. Vachement déçu de la cover du jump pour ce chapitre 999, fallait vraiment laisser Oda la faire... vraiment pas fan...
  11. Couverture du Jump 3-4 contentant le chapitre 999
  12. Petit rajout au Spoil : L’équipage de Ace tentait de le dissuader de rentrer à Wano, et quand il a rencontré Yamato, il lui a dit qu’il était là pour prendre la tête de Kaido
  13. La tribu des trois yeux est appelée « Samba »
  14. Le titre du chapitre 1000 aurait fuité : « la légende ne finira jamais »
  15. By Redon Chapter 998 :- "Ancient Zoans" - Marco uses his skills to stop the spread of the virus. It seems that the virus depends on the physical capacity of the person or something. - Apoo gets up hurt but Drake defeats him. - Franky Vs Sasaki, who is a user of the Ryuu Ryuu no Mi Model Triceratops. - Sanji Vs Black Maria, who is a user of th Kumo Kumo no Mi (Kumo means spider) model Rosamygale grauvogeli - Jinbe Vs. Who's Who, who is a user of the Neko Neko no Mi model "Saber tooth" or Smilodon. - It seems that Who's Who already knew/saw Jinbe back when he was a part of the Shichibukai - Jinbe says “show your true face” to who’s who’s, but who’s who refuses to take off his mask - Yamato sees a statue of a beaten dragon, says a friend broke it. It looks like it's Ace. - Yamato: "A man came a few years ago to kill my father." - And at the end of the chapter Ace's silhouette is shown - Page One and Ulti don't appear in this chapter
  16. Un petit point sympa qui a été relevé sur plusieurs Discord, à Jaya on avait appris que Sanji était arachnophobe 🕷 Ça va être marrant avec Black Maria 😬
  17. Marco bloque la diffusion du virus grâce à son fruit Black Maria a le fruit du démon d’araignée type ancien. whos’who le fruit du tigre à dent de sable Sasaki et Who’s who Jinbei vs Who’s who / Franky vs Sasaki ! Début de flashback à la Fin ! Un homme est venu il y a quelques années pour battre Kaido ! Ace aux poings ardents !
  18. - Marco utilise ces compétences pour stopper la diffusion du virus. Il semble que le virus dépend de la personne il ne fait pas le même effet - Apoo est blessé mais Drake le bat - Franky Vs. Sasaki, qui a le fruit du Triceratops - Sanji Vs. Black Maria, qui a le fruit d'une vielle araigné Rosamygale grauvogeli - Jinbe Vs. Who's Who, qui a le fruit du titre à dent de sabre - Yamato voit une statut d'un dragon battu, elle dit qu'un ami l'a cassé, ca semble etre Ace - Yamato: "Un homme est venu il y a quelques année pour tuer mon père" Pas de pause la semaine prochaine pour le chapitre 999 !
  19. Kaido ne rigole plus Les images dans l'ordre avec quelques traductions : https://m.imgur.com/a/Xn25084
  20. Full summary. Chapter 996: "Island of the strongest". In the cover, Blackbeard is brushing his teeth with a hippo. Tama runs away on Komachiyo, along with Nami and Usopp on its back. Tama explains that she came here on "an enemy's ship", but gives no further explanation. Nami is fine, Usopp is conscious but he can't talk properly. Hihimaru (the baboon) appears and blocks Page One, who is chasing Komachiyo. Tama tells Hihimaru to help to stop the enemy for 3 minutes. Nami says the baboon won't stand a chance against Page One and Ulti. Tama replies. Tama: "Don't look down on us! We came here to fight as samurai!!" Cut to Yamato. She can't fight properly becouse she has to block bullets from hitting Momonosuke. Shinobu asks Yamato something. Shinobu: "If you are a samurai, then make a decision. Take Momonosuke-sama and leave me here!" Yamato: "Kouzuki Oden would never do such a thing." Sasaki sees that his Armored Troop has lost a lot of men, so he prepares to join the fight himself. Sasaki grabs his sword but then Yamato starts to transform. Her teeth become sharp and there's a growl coming from her mouth. Sasaki seems shocked to see it. But at that moment, Franky Shogun runs into the scene followed by Haccha. Haccha hits the floor and it collapses. Yamato takes this chance and grabs Momonosuke and Shinobu, then she jumps down below. Yamato says to Franky that she is leaving Sasaki to him, since Luffy ordered her to protect Momonosuke. But when she's falling in midair, Yamato uses attack "Narikabura", sending a powerful shockwave from her kanabo that knocks out Haccha in one attack. Then she talks with Momonosuke. Yamato: "You have to live on. The one who will bring this world to its dawn... is you!!" Cut to underground 2nd floor of Onigashima. Law cuts through Kaidou's men and reaches a Poneglyph. It seems this one isn't a red Poneglyph. Law thinks back to a conversation with Robin. Law revealed his real name (Trafalgar D. Water Law) to Robin since he thinks she may know the meaning of “D”. However Robin said him that she doesn't know it either, but she's also interested in finding out. Robin told him the only way to know the meaning would be to obtain the red Poneglyphs, which means they need to take down the Yonkou. Law stands in front of the Poneglyph, thinking about Corazon's words (“D” are the God's natural enemy) and murmurs to himself. Law: "Cora-san, I really want to know the true meaning of this unfortunate fate..." Cut to 3rd floor of Onigashima, Kid is running up to the roof with Killer. Kid assembles all metals he found in the castle, so now he has a massive pile of metal parts attached to his arm. Kid asks Killer if this is too much. Killer: "We are up against the world's strongest pirate. Too much preparation isn't a bad thing!" Cut to the top floor of Onigashima. Kaidou is beating the Red Scabbards with his kanabo. They put up a fight but all of them are bloodied. Cut back to the main stage of Onigashima. Big mom flies back into the room, everyone panics. But Big Mom says. Big Mom: "Don't worry. I only have business on the top floor, where Kaidou is." Chapter ends in the 2nd floor. Luffy's group is about to reach the stairs to the 3rd floor. Sanji suddenly hears the sound of a woman coming from third floor, she is screaming and playing "yoi de wa nai ka" (よいではないか that means "That's OK" or "No problem"). Someone is pulling the woman kimono's obi off, Sanji is shocked... END. No break next week.
  21. Ce qui m'intéresse clairement le plus dans le chapitre.
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