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  1. Une chose sur sanji, n’oubliez pas qu’il a une prime plus élevé que Zoro maintenant. encore un foreshadowing d’Oda😂😂
  2. Fake du mal à y croire aussi
  3. Tout à fait perso je vois l’alliance de luffy one shot Kaido. en outre, sur whole cake island je trouve que luffy était beaucoup plus en pls que dans cet arc là. Après peut être qu’oda nous réserve un retournement de situation mais pour l’instant je vois pas d’où peut venir l’inquiétude. pour moi, l’alliance est Mille fois plus armés de personnages cheatés que celle de kaido et big mom
  4. De plus, jusqu’à présent sur onigashima on a vu les intrigues autour de chaque duos. ussop chopper avec les numbers carrots nami kidnappés robin et jimbei infiltrés et bizarrement oda ne nous parle toujours pas de Franky et brook, why?
  5. Ahahah mais tout le monde se plaint de l’utilité de sanji! Mais je veux dire on la vu depuis le début du raid. brook et Franky non, donc quon lache un peu la grappe à sanji quoi
  6. Ni de brook et Franky d’ailleurs ... Ils sont passé ou?
  7. Enfait jinbei & co ils vont servir à quoi sans rire?
  8. Nami et carrot emprisonné par les homies de big mom? Prélogue del’arc elbaf?🤔
  9. Au niveau des rôles, je pense qu’Oda prépare la fin de cet acte 3 avec l’arrivée surprise des fourreaux rouges. law kidd zorro sanji et compagnie vont arriver sur la scène et nous aurons d’un côté tobi roppo + big mom kaido calamités etc... contre la flotte de luffy ( Kidd law killer son équipage + fourreau rouge en planche) pour qu’enfin la bataille finale arrive ! sanji apparaîtra en sauvant Momonosuke en le ramenant du côté de la flotte ( je rêve un peu)
  10. Épique ce chapitre ! desole pour les fake spoils ! snaaaaaatchi
  11. Comme Komurasaki, o tama etc.... wait and see on peut pas mettre tous les persos dans un seul chapitre
  12. au contraire je trouve ces spoils très cohérent et j’apprécie la tournure des choses. apres comme dit précédemment à prendre avec des pincettes car rien n à été confirmé
  13. Chapter 986: "My name" (Oda uses "sessha" in "my", like samurai talked). In the cover, Lola and Chiffon don't believe Pound is their father so they set sail without him. Denjiro and Kinemon reach the back door of the castle. Kiku and Raizo are crying, Kanjuurou is lying on the ground with blood around him. They walk past Kanjuro and enter into the castle. All Orochi's subordinates (ninja and samurai) swear allegiance to Kaidou (they have no loyalty to Orochi to begin with). Kaidou still can't believe that Momonosuke is actually Oden's son, so he will ask Momonosuke the same question he asked 20 years ago ("What's your name?"). If Momonosuke answers that he isn't Oden's son, Kaidou will spare his life. Luffy and Yamato side. Luffy takes out Yamato's handcuff and throw them away in case handcuff blows up. Ulti and Who's Who (both are separated) receive a report saying that Luffy and Yamato are heading to the stage, so they are heading there too. Page One isn't with Ulti. Usopp, Chopper and the Red Scabbards are heading to the stage too. Law is walking somewhere in the castle. Kid and Zoro are still fighting Kaidou's men. Back to the stage, Momonosuke replies Kaidou's question. He announces he's Kozuki Momonosuke, son of Kozuki Oden and that he will be the shogun of Wanokuni. When Momonosuke finishes, he has some emotional thoughts and flashbacks about his parents. When Kaidou is about to kill Momonosuke, the wall explodes because of Yamato's handcuff. The bomb in Yamato's handcuff seems to be way stronger than normal prisoners' bombs. Yamato is very angry now that she knows Kaidou actually would kill her, so she won't regard Kaidou as her father anymore. But Luffy stops "Yama-o" (he's using "o", which means man, like he does with Law (Torao) and Kid (Gizao)) and says they are not the one who will officially begin this battle. Then, the Red Scabbards barge through the wall behind Kaidou in the stage. Izou shots the sword off King's hand. Kaidou shouts that their swords are useless against him. But as the Red Scabbards jump at him. Kaidou has a flashback about the day he almost lost to Oden and sees the image of Oden jumping at him at the same time the Red Scabbards jump. Kaidou stops for a second. The Red Scabbards shout "Sunacchi!!" and attack Kaidou. Kawamatsu blocks King with his katana, Inuarashi does the same with Jack and Queen. Nekomamushi almost reaches Kaidou with his claw but Kaidou grabs his head. Ashura, Kiku and Raizou are behind the other. Kinemon and Denjiro are the only one that strab their swords in Kaidou's body. After the attack, Kaidou and the Red Scabbards fall off the stage... ENDNext week, Color Spread for One Piece.
  14. This can be fake but for now these are unconfirmed Updated / New Spoilers ```Translation: Yamato who is more knowledgable than anyone about Onigashima tells Luffy her plan Yamato confronts Kaidou "Old man, I have something to talk to you about" The figure behind Robin & Jinbe was Gyukimaru and he meets Killer for a second time. He has a brief confrontation with Kid, and has his weapon stolen from him Kanjuro plays his role to the very end and gets cut down by Kiku Oden: I'm good with you guys, become my Samurai Yasuie: "Do you like Oden?" "Become protectors of this land" "Congratulations our dear Oden" "Daimyou/Feudal Lord~!!!!!!" Oden: "I'm leaving it up to you guys" Kanjuro: "Open up Wano's borders" Kiku sheds tears after hearing Kanjuro's words which is not subjected to just one role (note; this is how I understand this bit, someone else can give a better translation) The Red Scabbards hurry to Momonosuke's aid Kaidou (stirs ups the flames for/instigates) the ending the Kozuki bloodline Yamato cries when she comes face to face with Oden's Son Promise me that you will behave and become the Shogun if the Kozkuki bloodline ends. If you are able to save him however, I'll allow you go to sea. Behind the Roof/Whilst hiding in the roof,Luffy sees a future of Momo getting cut down by King Kaidou says he will take yamato along with him on his first voyage to celebrate the birth of new onigashima, but Yamato says she already has someone she wants to follow and rejects kaidou's offer Luffy apprears in front of Kaidou as he orders King to cut down Momo Luffy connects a kick on King and Kaidou tries to smack him with his club but Yamato blocks his attack with her Raimei Hakei`` cela peut être du fake.... rien de confirmé mais c’est ce que j’ai lu sur reddit
  15. Il y a un spoil sur reddit mais pas confirmé.
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