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  1. Un chapitre sur Yamato. Il était temps de développer ce perso !
  2. Je m'en doutais que la réaction d'Izo était liée à Kiku Je le sens mal
  3. Le regard d'Izo pour moi c'est Kiku qui s'est faite avoir ou un autre FR Je pencherais sur Kiku étant donné que c'est son petit frère
  4. Résumé + 1 image Translation of new korean leaker spoilers, thanks to redon from Arlong Park Forums. - Perospero and Marco are in a meeting with Big Mom, but the negotiations are broken because Big Mom doesn't want to break her alliance with Kaidou. - Carrot is looking for Perospero to revenge Pedro. - Yamato is chasing Momonosuke, Shinobu is carrying him and running away. - Black Maria is singing in the banquet hall inside the castle (I'm not sure of that part). - Raizou absorbs Kaidou's Boro Breath with a ninja scroll and return the attack to Kaidou. - At the end of the chapter Ashura, Denjiro, Kinemon and Inuarashi attack together (I'm not sure of that part).
  5. Enfin les spoils ! Kiku et Izo à l'action apparemment hâte d'en voir davantage
  6. C'est quelqu'un qui a redessiné la case Oda n'est pas un flemmard
  7. Le résumé : Full summary. by Redon (ap) Chapter 990: “Isolated force” In the cover, Lola and Chiffon remember how Big Mom used to tell them that their father always came crawling back no matter how many time she kicked him out. So Lola and Chiffon belive Pound and throw him ropes. Sasaki is now free thanks to Big Mom's attack, that destroyed the tree where he was tied up. The Minks are crushing Kaidou’s forces and attacking Jack, that is covered in wounds. But Jack still manages to fight and strikes down many Minks. Kinemon sees injured Minks and steps forward to face Jack, but Inuarashi and Nekomamushi stop him. Both of them transform into huge Sulongs but we only see their silhouettes. Jack seems quite intimidated by Inuarashi and Nekomamushi. In the stage floor King calls the Tobiroppo. He orders them to stop search Yamato and summoning them to help to stop anyone who are trying to go up to fight Kaidou. King adds that, due to changes in the situation, the previous challenge between Tobiroppo and the Calamities is cancelled. We see an injured hawkins sitting in the same room as Drake. Drake tells him that he knows Hawkins was forced to join this group and if he would like to betray them, now would be a good time to do it. Hawkins is looking at his card, he says the chance of “one man’s survival” until tomorrow is 1%. Ulti is reunited with Page One. The other Tobiroppo get King's message and seems to be follwing the order. Who's Who appears at Drake's room. He asks Drake to come and help him since "it would be difficult to handle this by himself”. Drake asks what he means. Who's Who: “This is a good chance. I'm going to kill the guy that I want to kill. Let's go to see Queen”. Drake asks why does he hate Queen so much that he would like to cause infighting at time like this, but still follows Who's Who. Back to the main stage, the samurai are crushing Kaido's subordinates. The Oniwaban come out to fight the samurai but Fukurokuju turns his back to the battle and walks somewhere else. Hotei notices it and seems confused. Samurai tries to attack Numbers' feet to clear the way for the Straw Hat Crew, saying they should save their strength for Kaidou’s battle. 2 Numbers swing their maces down at the samurai, but Zoro cut one mace in half and Jinbe stops the other with one hand. Luffy: “Oars-sized enemies? Back then we need an entire crew to take one of these down, but we are different now.” Luffy transforms into Gear 4. Hyogoro thinks how Luffy appearance reminds him of Myo-o. Cut again to Drake that is being beaten with blood on his face in front of Queen and surrounded by Who's Who and Hawkins. It’s revealed that the one they all want to kill is Drake all along. Queen was informed by someone that they saw Drake freeing Law from prison. Hawkins also says he suspected Drake is the only one who can do it. They ask Drake who he works for and what is his goal. Drake thinks that there's no getting out of it now. He can't run anywhere and he also cannot go back to the Marines. But then he remembers what Coby told him about Luffy and thinks there's still hope. Drake jumps down from the stage and cuts down one of the Numbers with "X Caliber" attack. At the same time, Luffy attacks another Number with the “Gomu Gomu no Kong Gun”. Both attacks take down Numbers. Then Drake announces to Luffy that he's separated from Kaidou’s crew. He’s an isolated force now. Drake: “Please let him join!” ( i assume he means "me" not "him ") Luffy: “Ehh!?” END. Break next week.
  8. ça serait intéressant un flashback de Drake Mais aussi un flashback sur Kid et Killer
  9. Voilà un meilleur résumé du chapitre : So many variations of the Chapter Title but here's another version of the summary below: Chapter 990: "Lonely Force" - Sasaki breaks free from the chains. - Jack Vs. Inuarashi and Nekomamushu in Sulong form (we only see their silhouettes). - King stops the search for Yamato and orders anyone who tries to go to the roof of Onigashima for Kaidou to stop. - Who's Who invites Drake to kill Queen. - We go to the stage, Luffy transforms into Gear 4. - We change places, we see Drake being defeated by Queen and Who's Who. They both want to kill him. - We found out that it was Drake who freed Law. - Drake tries to escape and reaches where Luffy is fighting with the Numbers. - Luffy uses the "Gomu Gomu no Kong Gun" and Drake uses the "Juuki X Calibur" to defeat the Number Tooki and others who are nearby. - Drake says that he is the "lone force" of the battle and asks him to join them. Luffy: Huh !? END
  10. Je vous partage ça : OP Discord - Chapter 990 - "The Orphan" Jack vs Inurashi(Sulong I'm assuming) King tries to contact Yamato to tell him to stop(?) Who's Who and Queen communicate that they want to kill Drake Luffy goes Gear 4th Drake is attacked by Queen and Who's Who Numbers fight the Straw Hat crew before he escapes Drake joins up with Luffy and states that he is a one-man army, so they fight together Luffy: "Huh? What are ya talking bout?" Full summary details to come short Quick edit to clarify- -Sasaki managed to get rescued -Jack vs Inu and Neku (Sulong but silhouette) Japanese Raw - 第990話孤軍 ササキ救出 ジャックvsイヌネコ キングが通信でヤマト探しは終わり カイドウが屋上にいるから、上を目指すものを阻止しろと命令 フーがクイーンを殺すから付き合えとドレークを誘う(手書きはこのシーンの一部のようだ) 場面変わって)大混戦の中ギア4になるルフィー 場面変わって)クイーンとフーにやられてるドレーク ローを逃がしたのはドレークと判明する なんとか逃げ出した先にルフィーと戦闘中のナンバーズ 猿王銃と十鬼X狩場の共演でナンバーズ撃破?(まだ不明のため? ドレークがおれは孤軍。ともに戦わせてくれ ルフィー<はァ!!? ドン で次回キュウサイ There seems to be a lot going on this chapter.
  11. C'est vrai que son père avait mentionné qu'il avait de la puissance mais qu'il ne s'en servait pas. D'ailleurs je pense que Drake a son fruit du démon depuis très très longtemps, du coup il le maîtrise bien. En plus, il utilise une épée et une hache + un morceau d'image
  12. D'ailleurs le brachiosaure et l'allosaure sont des ennemis jurés. C'est pour ça que Queen veut tuer X Drake
  13. Je vous partage ce dessin A drawing from korean leaks (source :wg) Who's Who: To where Queen is. Drake: Don't get me into biting and biting among you.
  14. J'ai vu sur Reddit cette phrase : " Drake asks Basil Hawkins next to him what he is doing. A 1% probabily of a man being alive tomorrow" Je ne sais pas si c'est vrai Si c'est le cas on reverrait Drake qui avait disparu mais aussi Hawkins
  15. Info intéressante sur les Numbers Pas de pause trop bien !!!
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