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  1. NazG02

    One Piece Chapitre 945

    More details: -We now go to the Kinemon group, which is outside the city. -We see that Kinemon is being beaten by Shutenmaru while Inuarashi asks them to stop. -Kinemon kneels before Shutenmaru asking him to join them, Shutenmaru takes a swig of sake and leaves. -We went to the prison. There is a great smoke and behind it a giant shadow. -Big Mom, on a brutal double page, appears before them. Everyone, from Luffy to Queen, to the rest of the prisoners or members of the Beast Pirates, are left with Enel's face when they see her. -Chopper, Kiku, Tama and Momonosuke have also entered the prison. Kiku decides to put a handkerchief on HER* head to go incognito. -Queen begins to transform immediately. -Luffy, realizing that Big Mom does not remember him, tells him if he can get 2 guys who are in the water (Kid and Killer are at the limit). Big Mom asks if there is Oshiruko there. -Queen has just transformed, is the user of the Ryu Ryu not My Brachiosaurus model. Queen tells Big Mom that all the Oshiruko there is is from him and that he does not intend to give her anything. His subordinates look at each other because they know that there is no Oshiruko for him either. -Chopper and Kiku come to the area where they are all together and suddenly they see Big Mom throw herself towards a dinosaur. -Big Mom, very pissed, stamped Queen on the floor with a single punch ...
  2. NazG02

    One Piece chapitre 944

    Oui c'est bien ça , au chapitre 937/938 ! Donc Kamazo est killer qui a mangé un Smile !
  3. NazG02

    One Piece chapitre 942

    VA : https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/read/one-piece-2/en/0/942/page/1 VF : https://scantrad.fr/mangas/one-piece/942
  4. NazG02

    One Piece chapitre 942

    Le titre du chapitre 942 “Daimyo of Hakumai” Shimotsuki Yasuie . Shimotsuki est le village de East blue où se situe le dojo dans lequel Zoro Roronoa et Kuina ont été formés.... Futilités : "Shimotsuki" (霜月) est l'ancien nom japonais pour "Novembre", comme le mois de naissance de Zoro Roronoa
  5. NazG02

    One Piece chapitre 940

  6. NazG02

    One Piece chapitre 940

    ça veut pas forcément dire que quelqu'un va mourir ...Peut-etre que c'est un lien familial avec Zoro ou que c'est la tombe de Ryuma (vu qu'il y a des zombies)
  7. NazG02

    One Piece chapitre 940

    Par rapport à ceci .( le chiffre 944 indiqué sur la tombe sur laquelle est assis Zoro) .
  8. NazG02

    One Piece Chapitre 939

  9. NazG02

    One Piece Chapitre 939