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  1. dixenjoker

    Snk 130

    Title:humanity’s breaking dawn Eren-Historia flashback in this chapter Annie quits the alliance after Hange tells her about Liberio. Annie says she has no reason to fight anymore. She doesn’t want anymore bloodshed with Mikasa, 104th and Eren. Historia thanked Eren for protecting her. Eren tells her his plan. Historia is against it. Eren says it’s the only way. And he will not allow Historia and her children to be sacrificed for the island. Historia says she won’t be able to live her life with pride if she doesn’t stop Eren. Eren says he’ll just control her memories with the founding Titan. He wants her to stay quite. She says she can’t. You are reading Shingeki No Kyojin manga chapter 130 RAW in English. Read RAW Chapter 130 of Shingeki No Kyojin manga online on ww3.readsnk.com for free. Eren tell Historia she can. Because “you are the worst girl in the world who saved me”. Historia tells him, ”Then Eren. How about I make a child?” Conversation ends here. We see Eren’s titan, very big. Lots of bones. Scary looking Eren talked with Zeke about Ackerman’s will and headaches. Zeke says it’s not the ackerman instinct that makes Mikasa protect him. It’s love. Zeke : How will you answer her? (Mikasa) Eren : What are you saying brother. I only have 4 years left. After I die, their lives will continue. I want them to live happily forever. Colossal titans are swimming Last page is double spread of the rumbling destroying a city with Marleyan soldiers and we see Eren’s titan behind them. Eren looked very determined when he said he’ll kill everyone to Floch. Zeke-Eren conversation is a flashback from Liberio it happens during Eren-Historia conversation. “I want them to live happily” Bird Ocean Ships Soldiers Dina Titan / Carla’s death flashback Child Eren “I’ll kill them all. I’ll kill every last one of them” fb Rumbling. Flashback ends with Eren saying “I want them to live happily forever” And then the images I summarized (Birds - Ocean - Ships) page after page after page until the last page. Just to make the timeline clear. It goes like that: Eren-Historia flashback is an inner thought from Eren before rumbling Zeke-Eren Zeke asks Eren “how will you answer her “ (Mikasa) How about I make a child , says Historia We continue with Zeke-Eren flashback.
  2. dixenjoker

    One Piece Chapitre 982

    Pourquoi il serait blesser, la bataille n'a même pas commencer sa n'a aucun sens qu'il soit blesser
  3. dixenjoker

    Snk 129

  4. Jigen qui est d un tout autre niveau comparativement aux ennemis qu ils ont rencontré jusqu'à présent Nom-pas-pris Mais tu as lu me chapitre jigen n'avait même pas toute ces capacité et il se sont fait rétamer , face a kaguya qui était largement supérieur , naruto et sasuke ont pourtant fait une excellente prestation , la dans boruto c'est tout le contraire naruto vs delta le combat était vide aucune tension , la mise en scène est pas terrible . Face a jigen naruto a perdue sa capacité sensoriel et sasuke a perdue sont cerveau . Alors de la a dire qu'ont peut mettre de coter les anciens combat jusque parce la sa s’améliore c'est totalement débile .
  5. dixenjoker

    Snk 128

    Il n'y aura pas de chapitre ce mois ci
  6. dixenjoker

    Les mystères de Wano

    ça ne veut rien dire , le pays a beau être fermer sa veut pas pour autant dire que les fruit ne peuvent pas apparaître dans wano
  7. dixenjoker

    Snk 128

    No eren and historia this chapter Traitor... huh XXX is too strong, the nervousness from last time (sweats) Operation start, to think that the first victim/sacrifice is XXX. It's painful that people who used to understand each other are in the opposite side. I realized we've come to a point were we can't talk/have a discussion. BSM cover is guys at the spa (with towels ofc) featuring Eren, Jean, Armin, Levi, Reiner & Connie.
  8. Peut être que c'était sa vrai forme
  9. dixenjoker

    Kingdom 635

    pourquoi les spoil sont disponible en video ??
  10. dixenjoker

    Snk 127

    the ones gathering one after another vs Eren Army there's no way they can come to an agreement but I feel bad for everyone ganging up *cry* Hanji sure has grown They're still going on about talking it out... Also a chapter where we look back one by one on the pasts up to now so it's a very serious/solemn chapter but they're still ganging up/completely beating up Laughed at the question and answer this month. Levi looks like he's having nightmares Vol31 on sale 4/9 Eren and Levi's sub story 16 ep published booklet included in special package Cover is profound/suggestive/pregnant (with meaning)....
  11. dixenjoker

    One Piece Chapitre 971

  12. dixenjoker

    Snk 126

    Title: Pride Last page is 104th, Gabi/Falco, Reiner and Annie together. Armin tried to feed himself to Connie’s mom. Connie saves Armin and they made up. (c) Shuuko9Woah... who knew Hange was so skilled as both a gunner and a healer.What was that expression Hange showed to Levi for a moment?Maternal love?Or gay love? (no) Laughed at Connie’s IQ3 thinking.Even so, a comrade is a comrade.The scouts finally meet up together again and it’s a good mood.But it also makes me cry because it’s like a flame that’s about to die out...
  13. dixenjoker

    One Piece chapitre 970

    Ne te fit pas à japscan c pas eux qui traduise c scantrad
  14. dixenjoker

    Kingdom 628

    Je pense pas mais il sera ko pendant a long moment je pense
  15. dixenjoker

    Solo Leveling

    Oui sauf cette semaine l'auteur et malade