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  1. En ce moment BC, est pour moi l'un des meilleurs manga car on s'attendait tous à des combats hyper tendu. Mais ils ont tous très bien level up. Ce qui laisse suggérer que les gros combats arriveront contre les gros démons. Quand on voit juste la puissance du premier des neufs, on comprend vite que tuer jusqu'au 9ième sera complexe.
  2. Chapter title: Personification of Hellfire. 17 pages again. Chapter opens up with Nacht explaining how the ritual works and how to stop it. It is possible to destroy the qliphoth tree with anti magic, but they aren't 100% sure. If they forcibly break it, and Yami and William die Charlotte won't forgive them. Demon takes a hit but doesn’t go down. Mereoleona activates her new spell/form. Demon VS Mereoleona!! Mereoleona is charging at the demon. The groups are going to where the dark triad are, and will attack the dark triad members at once and try to defeat them at once. Invasion team has to defeat all three to stop the ritual. Vanica VS Charlotte & Rill! Zenon VS Yuno and Langris! Dante VS Jack and Nacht(Unconfirmed/Unclear)! Chapter ends with those matchups reveals. Seems before the invasion Nacht went to Mereoleona personally to recruit her.
  3. Chapitre 987: "Fidèle serviteur" (c'est un jeu de mots avec le nom de Kinemon). Dans la couverture couleurs ... Jinbe apparaît enfin !! L'équipage du chapeau de paille (portant des vêtements décontractés) chevauche un chien carlin géant avec quelques petits carlins. Le chapitre commence avec Kaidou, il se souvient du jour où il a été frappé par Oden. Il se souvient aussi quand Oden lui a dit que son esprit vivra et qu'il ne devrait pas sous-estimer ses samouraï. Retour au présent. Au début, les épées des fourreaux rouges ne pouvaient pas percer le corps de Kaidou. Mais ils ont mis toute leur puissance dans l'attaque et finalement leurs épées traversent la peau de Kaidou dans les airs. Kiku parvient également à percer la main de Kaidou !! Kaidou est choqué quand il voit que les fourreaux rouges peuvent utiliser le même Ryuo qu'Oden. Puis la blessure qu'Oden lui a infligée commence soudainement à faire mal, faisant hurler Kaidou pour la première fois. Kaidou et les fourreaux rouges tombent ensemble au sol. Quand Big Mom voit la situation, elle dit "Oh, Kaidou est-il mort?". Les hommes de Kaidou tentent d'attaquer les samouraïs mais Hyogoro et les Yakuza les bloquent. Yamato tente également d'attaquer Kaidou mais est arrêté par Ulti. Yamato annonce aux hommes de Kaidou qu'ils ne sont plus du même côté. Nami et Carrot choquent le yokai de Big Mom avec des attaques électriques et se libèrent. Kaidou est blessé à plusieurs endroits avec du sang qui sort de sa bouche, mais rien de grave. Kaidou mentionne comment tout, de Punk Hazard à Dressrosa, est l'œuvre du samouraï qui s'associe aux pirates du chapeau de paille . Mais Kaidou ajoute également que les pirates sont censés trahir d'autres personnes. Donc, s'ils perdaient, Luffy les abandonnerait. Kinemon dit que Luffy n'est pas comme les autres pirates. Il se tiendra au sommet des mers, et même si tous les samouraïs meurent, Luffy amènera l'aube à Wanokuni. Big Mom apparaît devant Luffy. Elle demande pourquoi il est venu ici, s'il est là pour vaincre Kaido. Luffy répond non, il est là pour tous les éliminer tous. Kaido, Big Mom, Orochi et tous leurs subordonnés. C'est une guerre à grande échelle. Au même moment, tous les samouraïs alliés commencent à attaquer le château. Ils atteignent les endroits où Zoro et Kid se battent. Nous voyons aussi Law combattre les hommes de Kaido. Marco et Perospero sont arrivés au château ensemble !!! Ils travailleront temporairement dans la même équipe. Kaidou accepte le défi des fourreaux , , il leur montrera le pouvoir de "la Creature la plus forte ". Kaidou se transforme en dragon et vole à travers le toit. Les fourreaux rouges s'accrochent au corps de Kaidou. Luffy dit qu'il les suivra sous peu. Ils arrivent au sommet du dôme, Kaidou y affrontera les fourreaux rouges. Kaidou dit que cela lui rappelle ce jour-là il y a 20 ans, mais cette fois Oden n'est plus avec eux. ... Ensuite, nous voyons que tous les Minks y sont et les attendent, et le ciel est maintenant ouvert Nekomamushi: "Il y a encore une chose qui est différente aujourd'hui. C'est la pleine lune !!" Pas de chapitre la semaine prochaine pause du Magazine
  4. Korean scan :https://manamoa.net/bbs/board.php?bo_table=manga&wr_id=2755862
  5. https://imgur.com/a/617NwYC jen e sais pas si cette VA est mieux
  6. https://leitor.net/manga/one-piece/202334/capitulo-966#/!page1 la version portuguese
  7. Source Reddit: Sabo died: As few have pointed, Sabo and the revolutionary commanders might have encountered and angered the Celestial Dragons. After their encounter with the Admirals, they successfully escaped. But in order to satisfy the celestial dragons, the World Government ordered to change the news and make it look like Sabo died. Morgan talking about someone's death at Reverie before the news about Sabo: I think it's about Vivi's father. Blackbeard talking about something: I think it's about the Pluton that is possibly hidden somewhere in Alabasta. The world government came to know about that and Blackbeard wants to get it before World Government aquires it. Mihawk: It's fun to see him again. Dragon: So Dragon was not involved in the scurmish against Admirals at the reverie (I understand that only Sabo and commanders were shown initially, but we expected him to show up)? Now I am confused about his planning, power and decisions. About Morgans' pic, he is pleased that many audience will pay for his newspaper since the news about "someone's death" is popular. Government spy threatens him by gun to manipulate information. I wonder if Morgan is referring to Sabo or someone else. About Mihawk's pic, he is trembling with excitement since it has been a long time since he was chased by others. Weevil asks his mother why Marines are attacking them despite them belonging to Shichibukai. (He doesn't know about the abolishment news yet.) About Drake's pic above, he reports to Coby about an "alliance". (Kaido and Big Mom?) He says he witnessed CP0 in Wano. He also says that Luffy has not escaped from prison yet. Doflamingo says this world never cease to make him entertained. And he says the situation is getting more interesting. Hancock says something as a former Shichibukai in the last page, but the spoiler provider says he will not post that pic since it is not much important scene. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EEvHTWuWwAQgXxc?format=jpg&name=medium https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EEvHUYsWwAAEZ3d?format=jpg&name=medium https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EEvHVSEWwAAVl3z?format=jpg&name=medium https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EEvHNKIW4Ag47Ev?format=jpg&name=medium https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EEvHOGuWsAE__YY?format=png&name=small https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EEvHOpRXoAAQMfp?format=png&name=small
  8. Redon said that the lack of spoilers is due to problems in Japan with leaker providers getting arrested and so on, so they are not going to risk much this week. Ceci explique cela
  9. Quelqu'un à le lien du streaming en va ou vostfr ? SVP
  10. JE ne sais pas c'est une source reddit donc je ne peux pas le confirmer
  11. Je ne pense pas que la source soit fiable je delete
  12. Pour la cover, je crois que c'est la youtubeuse Nina qui parlais du fruit du renard à 9 queue pour Oden et le Tanuki serait Kawamastu ?
  13. Big Mom beats Queen. - The chapter begins with Orochi escaping to his castle. Orochi looks back, seeing the explosions in the battle, and laughs at the situation. - Zoro and Kyoshiro continue to fight, while the first is angry and even somewhat tired, Kyoshiro maintains absolute coldness while fighting with him. - Orochi's Oniwabanshu comes on stage with Fukurokuju in front. Fukurokuju searches through some papers and sees Zoro's Wanted, then orders his subordinates to catch him. - One of the Oniwabanshu women plays her instrument and attacks Zoro with what appears to be sound waves. - Sanji has given Toko to Usopp to escape with her, which Usopp does at the moment XD - Drake tries to bite Sanji again, when he tries to dodge he notices that Drake's tail comes from one side and does not manage to dodge it. - Drake stamps it on the ground, but Sanji gets up without a problem. - Brook is responsible for protecting Hiyori, uses his soul to scare the members of the Oniwabanshu. - Law goes to the cage to try to get his nakamas but there is Hawkins to stop him. - Hawkins draws his sword and cuts one of his arms a little, but the wound goes to Shachi, who has been bewitched by Hawkins with Bepo and Penguin. The face that Law puts upon finding out is a poem. - Sanji continues to escape from Drake's bites, while escaping he sees Hiyori, who is being harassed by the Oniwabanshu (he locates her as if he had a telescopic XD scope). - Sanji goes to her to save her but Zoro goes ahead by taking the Oniwabanshu out of the way. - Hiyori grabs Zoro while he runs and despite the discomfort of the swordsman. Sanji breaks his heart to see the scene (another face to frame in this chapter XD). -We now go to the Kinemon group, which is outside the city. - We see that Kinemon is being beaten by Shutenmaru while Inuarashi asks them to stop. - Kinemon kneels before Shutenmaru asking him to join them, Shutenmaru takes a swig of sake and leaves. - We went to the prison. There is a great smoke and behind it a giant shadow. - Big Mom, on a brutal double page, appears before them. Everyone, from Luffy to Queen, to the rest of the prisoners or members of the Beast Pirates, are left with Enel's face when they see her. - Chopper, Kiku, Tama and Momonosuke have also entered the prison. Kiku decides to put a handkerchief on his head to go incognito. - Queen begins to transform immediately. - Luffy, realizing that Big Mom does not remember him, tells him if he can get 2 guys who are in the water (Kid and Killer are at the limit). Big Mom asks if there is Oshiruko there. - Queen has just transformed, is the user of the Ryu Ryu not My Brachiosaurus model. Queen tells Big Mom that all the Oshiruko there is is from him and that he does not intend to give her anything. His subordinates look at each other because they know that there is no Oshiruko for him either. - Chopper and Kiku come to the area where they are all together and suddenly they see Big Mom throw herself towards a dinosaur. - Big Mom, very pissed, stamped Queen on the floor with a single punch ... BREAK NEXT WEEK More info soon.
  14. Chapter 935 Queen Cover: the mouse fire brigade thought it was on fire and put out Smoker’s smoke The vice warden of the prison, Sortia(monkey smile), get the report that the key to the sea stone handcuffs was stolen by a man with big face. He’s of course talking about Raizou, who’s hurrying over to Luffy’s side now that he got the key. Luffy knock the scorpion guard Dafgo(?), a headliner, on to the ground. Other guards: “Death Penalty! Death Penalty!” The prisoners all thought grandpa Hyo and Luffy were going to died and start crying..... Dafgo(?) think there must be something wrong with the sea stone handcuffs, but the warden stated that Luffy just have a stronger will than normal people there’s nothing wrong with the handcuffs. Luffy: “I am training right now! I hope when I take this thing off, I will become stronger!!” The warden, headliner(elephant smile), Babargy(?) shout: “But you won’t even get to see tomorrow’s sun!” and attack Luffy was knock onto the ground in one hit, grandpa Hyo hurry over to check on him. Then a guard report to the warden that Queen have arrived, Luffy complain that if only he could use Haki. Queen arrive, holding a picture of Komurasaki in his hand, he’s a big fan of her as well. His bounty is 1.32 billion. He’s here to check if everything’s alright and the warden told him that they’ve got 3 problems; Eustass Kid has escaped Key to the handcuffs was stolen Strawhat Luffy is going on a rampage right now Queen stares and shout “why don’t you go after them!” Ebisu Town Law and the others were welcomed by Yasu, who told them that Zoro just left, it seems that his sword had been stolen. Then they realize Sanji’s gone, they think he might be in the place that he wants to be..... Nami, Robin and Shinobu arrived at the public bathhouse of the Flower Capital. But it allows both gender!! Such a heaven! A bunch of men stares at Nami and Robin and start drooling. One of them told Shinobu to get out of the way. He received Egg Buster in response. The topic returns to Hyogoro the Flower, who’s very kind to the citizens, completely different from the Kyoshiro they have right now. Shinobu tells them that she used to work under Fukurokuju, but then she couldn’t accept how they obey every order from Orochi and decided to leave. Luffy and Hyo were captured and send to Queen, Hyo beg that they let go of Luffy, which is of course impossible. When Raizou’s very worried, he hears a voice, he demand the identity of the voice. Voice: “ It’s me, Kawamatsu, is lord Momonosuke alright?” Raizou:?!
  15. Trouvé sur Reddit: From Ishuhui: Chapter 934: Hyogoro of Flower Cover: Usopp lay down on a picnic blanket, and he’s talking to parrot resting on his nose. Near sea of Wano— The Big Mom Pirates that fall from the waterfall are having a meeting about Big Mom’s rescue. Perospero claim that since Big Mom’s vivre card is fine, it prove that she’s alive. She’s probably captured by the enemy(Kaido). Mont: even though they used to be crew mates, now that they’re both emperors, if mama’s caught, she could be kill. Perospero: sign looks like the BMP will be the Perospero Pirates from now on. Daifuku’s not convinced: big bro pero, we haven’t decided who will be the new captain yet. Perospero: elders come first. Daifuku: let’s talk with strength ,Katakuri should be the new captain Smoothie: don’t just say something like mama’s dead, she will be back, you can’t predict mama’s action by using common sense. You Idiots! Outskirts of Kuri— O-Tama is talking to Tengu via den den mushi. She told him about Big Mom and he won’t allow her to do such dangerous things. But they already begin their journey, heading toward Udon on a big lizard. Big Mom have a Wano style hair now. Kiku show them the map of Wano. Wano have 6 regions: Kuri(head mountain,Bakura Town, and Amigasa Village), Kibi(okobore town and another mountain), Flower Capital, ???(graveyard of north), hakubu?(Ebisu town, habu port), and Udon (prison mine).* Momonosuke remembers the sword swinging slogans that Zoro taught him, however Okiku forbids him from saying it anymore after she heard him. At Nami group— Robin told everyone that she have found many information about about the day of the final battle. Nami talks about the red poneglyph in Wano. The citizens in the Flower Capital all starts crying when they learned that Komurasaki is dead. Ebisu Town—. Sanji also cries about Komurasaki. From the newspaper Law learned that Kid has already break out of the prison, but Luffy haven’t. Prison Mine—. The Alpaca is threatening Luffy, and he will chop off his legs and arms if he dares resist. The Scorpion guard is beating the old man, ordering him to say who’s been giving him the coupon. Then, the all-star Queen arrives at the gate. *since I am translating from the Chinese, I don’t know the actual Japanese phrase for these places. Map of Wano: With the Flower Capital at the center, at the upper left is the Kibi area, down left the Udon area, where the mine is located. To the west the Kuri area; Headmountain, Bakura Town, and Amigasa Village. To the right of the Flower Capital there’re the Habu port and the graveyard of north. Onigasima is at the bottom of the map. Total 15 pages including the cover, no double page Break next week New info from dr.Hiriluk: BM crew are gathered and they will search for her using vivire card. BM is riding an animal that looks like the one Jack was riding Sanji is crying with a stupid expression and he went back with the others. Queen shows up in the last page in front of the prison gate on a motorbike. Zoro shows up in a flashback with O-tama. Tengu talks with O-Tama The alpaca dude spat on Luffy There is also an elephant dude Luffy attacks them. The chapter ended when Queen arrives More from redon: -The Big Mom pirates are all good. They continue on their boat in the sea, specifically in the area of the rocks before reaching the waterfall through which they fell. -⁠Perospero has a Vivre Card of Big Mom and it seems that they plan to look for her but I think Smothie gives another idea (I'm not clear about it at all). -Tengu talks to Tama and tells hee to quit (he speaks with a Den Den Mushi mini). -After the conversation we see the group of Big Mom, Chopper, Kiku, Tama and Momonosuke mounted on a giant lizard like Jack had (in fact, I think it's the same). He has some bumps on his head, possibly Big Mom has tamed him XD. -⁠Big Mom has a typical Japanese hairstyle, similar to Robin or Komurasaki. It is here when we see the map of Wanokuni and they tell us that this group goes to the mines. -We also see that Momonosuke talks about Zoro and a very serious image of him appears. We went to the group of Nami, all have managed to escape and are with Kanjuro in a snowy area east of the capital. There is a lot of text in this scene, I do not know what they are talking about. In the capital we see people crying in the streets. Then we went to Sanji's group (with Usopp, Franky and Law), who is also crying over the death of Komurasaki (I think). This group is on the outskirts of the capital. Sanji looks thoughtfully at the Raid Suit while Usopp and Franky give him the quarrel (I do not know why XD). We go to the prison where the jailer with the smile of the alpaca, talks to Luffy while spitting on him without wanting to. It is a guy with the body of a man and head of alpaca XD. Then we see the jailer with 6 legs hitting the old man, that despite the beating he eats all the udon of the soil that he has achieved without wasting anything. In this scene we see in the background another jailer who is a user of the Smile of the elephant, is a guy with a very large body and an elephant head in the stomach. Luffy comes running to the rescue, but I do not see what happens you suspect that Luffy is giving a beating to the jailer. The chapter ends with Queen arriving at the mine on a kind of giant 4-wheel motorcycle while his men shouting his name.
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