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  1. Erebus

    Kingdom 720

    Flashback: Gakurai is told by another soldier that they're receiving a punk who can't speak well and only fights with others and is told to raise him up. Gakurai asks for his name and the guy says "Garo." Gakurai yells at him that it should be "My name is Garo" and smacks him. In another scene Gakurai tells Garo to get back but Garo moves ahead of him saying he'll kill them all. Then as they are retreating Garo calls Gakurai an old man and tells him to leave him. Gakurai tells him to be quiet because his stomach got injured and that he's only 3 years older than him. When they are put into Duke Hyou's army Garo asks who that sloppy looking old man is and Gakurai hits him saying it's their great general Duke Hyou. Garo then asks if they're in that Duke Hyou army with the bad reputation and Gakurai covers his mouth while the other soldiers tell Duke Hyou they said nothing when he asks if they said anything. As they keep battling Gakurai is promoted to 1000 man commander and Garo is a 500 man commander. Gakurai praises him and Garo says it doesn't matter because he likes seeing Gakurai succeed. Then he pulls off Gakurai's helmet and says a lot of his hair disappeared then gets scolded by Gakurai. After Houken took down Duke Hyou Gakurai is in disbelief. As he grieves Garo tells the others to leave him alone. Gakurai then says that he's thinking about joining the HSU who Duke Hyou entrusted his shield to in the end and asks Garo what he's planning on doing. Garo says that's a stupid question because he'll follow Gakurai since he's the one and only person he thinks of as his family. HSU: As Shin is fighting the enemy general Garo and the other Hihyou soldiers try to get revenge for Gakurai. The others are blocked by the Zhao while Garo makes it to the general and gives him a cut. Shin tells him to keep holding him down like that but then they are attacked by the other Zhao soldiers. The Zhao general calls them his two arms and one of them says they should have been at the front from the beginning then says they should finish it up soon. Over by the Gakuka Mouten is also face to face with the enemy general and is being shielded by his soldiers. Zhao: Riboku is told that the Qin left wing's charge has halted and the spearheads disappeared. The soldiers can't believe that the HSU and the Gakuka were actually held back by using that type of defense method and are impressed by the Seika army's strength. Then they say that it's really the strength of Riboku who was able to sway the heart of Shibashou of Seika. HSU: Ten receives news that Gakurai was taken out and that the two commanders are currently held down by the enemy. One soldier asks Ten what they should do and she thinks to herself that she needs to get herself together otherwise they're all dead. When the soldier suggests they should gather by Shin to support him Ten says that's not it and that it's not the front that's important right now but the middle where Kyoukai is located. Rei tells Kyoukai that the spot where Shin is looks dangerous and asks if they should change course to go help him. Kyoukai looks and says they're not going to save him to Rei's and everyone else's surprise. She says if they go save him then they won't be able to get out of Riboku's formation and Rei says even if they get out it would still be bad if the captain dies. Kyoukai says there's nothing else to do but trust him at the moment and she also points out that Ten's orders are for them to continue advancing. Kyoukai then orders her troops to push through the enemy and get out of this. Ten sees that Kyoukai is advancing as planned and says that if they don't get out of this situation and mess with Riboku's formation then nobody will be left alive. She then asks what the Gakuka side looks like since the strong lieutenant wasn't at the front so she thinks he's in the middle as well. If they can get out of this formation too then the enemy will be shaken. Aisen's soldiers say the same thing around him about going to save Mouten but Aisen says Mouten's orders are to continue the advance. He then tells his troops that Mouten's orders are for them to continue the advance without caring about himself. As he rouses the troops to begin the advance he thinks of Mouten and hesitates to complete the order. Over by Mouten his soldiers are currently holding the enemy back while telling him to get out of there. Mouten tells them to don't worry about him and the soldiers lose their path of retreat. Rikusen is trying to get to Mouten because his soldier says all those around him and in between them are all monsters. Rikusen says he knows but he is being held back by the enemy 5000 man commander Huon. Rikusen then sees Mouten get stabbed and charges at the enemy and gets his hand sliced in the process. An enemy general charges towards Mouten and appears to have cut him down. Break next week! Jeeswag
  2. Erebus

    Kingdom 720

    KR: https://manatoki131.net/comic/12340497?spage=1 Trad rapide: https://boards.4channel.org/a/thread/237809316 Pause la semaine prochaine Ca doit faire mal !!!
  3. Sur la version de Meian, ils ont pas trad entier l'une des bulles. Les soldats crient: général Li, et la deuxième en partant de la gauche, ils crient: général Li Shin. Ce qui rend tout de suite plus clair pour les lecteurs. Sur la double page, tu remarqueras que la guandao a parfaitement la forme que celle d'Ouki.
  4. Erebus

    Kingdom [FILM]

    On sait que le film 2 va traiter l'arc de Keiyou et la tentative d'assassinat d'après les trailers qui ont été dévoilés. Pour les suivants on peut supposer que le film 3 sera sur Bayou et le 4 sur Sanyou.
  5. Erebus

    Kingdom 719

    Trad rapide ENG : https://cubari.moe/read/imgur/PapvVE6/1/4/
  6. Erebus

    Kingdom 719

    Qin: The Gakuka and HSU are getting into formation and one of the Gakuka says they'll be fine with this because they're great but asks if the HSU will be okay. Denei says they've been trained in this sort of strategic method so there's no need to worry. Meanwhile Bihei is freaking out because he doesn't remember what the formation meant and Kou tells him to come to him. Rei catches up to Kyoukai and asks if this formation is that pointy thing and Kyoukai confirms it. She then asks if Kyoukai is heading towards the front and Kyoukai says she's heading towards the center because it's the first time they're doing this with a new army so she'll watch from the middle. Rei says if the front isn't strong then it won't work and asks who's going to the front. Kyoukai says it's Shin and Mouten at the front. Zhao: Riboku gets a report saying the enemy is getting into wedge formation. Riboku says it seems like they're trying to get out of this situation they put them in. However, it won't be easy for them to escape. He says they'll observe the strength of the Seika generals. The Seika generals also get a report saying the enemy is getting into wedge formation and looks to be leaving the Kanki army behind and says it's an interesting movement. The one Seika general asks the other if he knows the most humiliating way to take down a wedge formation and the other general says he doesn't know. The first general says he'll show him starting now. The HSU and Gakuka finish getting into formation and they both begin their charge. However, the Seika army begins to switch formation and also takes on the wedge formation and also begins to charge. Mouten notices this change and tells the others to prepare for the hit while wondering if they're really coming out with all of their numbers. Ten says it's dangerous and tells Shin and Mouten to move back while Shin says there's no way since the side that loses momentum first loses. Riboku sees this and is surprised at their ballsiness to employ this way of defending in response to the Qin. Qin: The Gakuka and HSU soldiers are saying they will move in front of Shin and Mouten and Shin tells them not to do something useless while they say it's not useless. Both sides collide and Shin is taken off his horse but says it's fine and to keep going as he will follow fast. Rikusen tells Mouten to move to the back a bit as it doens't make sense for him to be at the front. The Hihyou moves forward with Gakurai leading them while Garo tells him not to get too far ahead and those as young as himself will go to the front. Gakurai says that's nonsense since they're only 2-3 years apart. Gakurai gets to the Seika general and Garo tells him not to go but Gakurai charges and gets cut down. As the HSU stands in shock the Seika general says do not be too sad since not a single one of them will get out of this hunting grounds that Riboku has created. Garo begins to charge at him in rage but then Shin yells at him to move aside and attacks the Seika general instead. The general blocks Shin's attack and says it's already too late for the Qin. No break next week! Jeeswag
  7. Erebus

    Kingdom 719

    KR/ : https://manatoki130.net/bbs/captcha.php?bo_table=comic&wr_id=12244770 Au revoir Gaku Rai:
  8. Erebus

    Kingdom [FILM]

    Les films 2, 3 et 4 ont été tournés en même temps suite au succès du premier.
  9. Erebus

    Kingdom 719

    According to the last page text : "Continuously supporting the Hi Shin Unit for 8 years following the death of his master Duke Hyou, Gakurai dies." Thanks @Saemoon for the tl
  10. Erebus

    Kingdom 719

  11. S4 E05 (Chap 376-378) On termine le 1er arc de cette saison et on a eu l'occasion de voir que Sei Kyou avait bien évolué depuis ses débuts dans Kingdom. Passant de personnage détestable qu'on souhaite voir mourir à celui dont on regrette la mort. Bonne nouvelle la plus belle des veuves est a présent un cœur a prendre Les visuels de l'OP et l'ED ont changé, ont voit notamment les personnages du prochain arc dans l'OP.
  12. Erebus

    Kingdom 718

    VA: https://sensescans.com/reader/read/kingdom/en/66/718/page/3
  13. Erebus

    Kingdom [FILM]

    Nouveau PV: Source: https://twitter.com/kingdomthemovie/status/1522290037479460866?t=oAHqXAkOvrNFEf7P3M9i5g&s=19
  14. Erebus

    Kingdom 718

    J'en fais parti, encore une fois il aura pris le commadement pendant un seul chap. J'espere sincerement qu'il ne vas pas se contenter de ca et retourner dans ses travers en tuant encore des généraux a la pelle par la force brute pendant cette campagne... Ca serait tellement décevant. Bonne anniversaire. Bravo, bientot la retraite 😁
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