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  1. ils ont mis 2 semaines a arriver ...
  2. Oui il s'est perdu sur l’île en gros je vois pas comment c'est possible mais attendons le chapitre (meme law qui n'est jamais venu se repère assez rapidement ...) je trouve que c'est une facilité scénaristique aussi
  3. "- Kanjuro is flying towards Hiyori instead of Onigashima" it was wrong Kanjuro just arrive at onigashima but he never go to onigashima before so he lost - Rovientiar
  4. kaido ne vient meme pas de wano, c'est quoi encore cette théorie
  5. Meilleur celle-ci : Kaido: What is The Mission you ask ? Bring back my stupid son Yamato who is missing today !! Black Maria: Oh my, such a troublesome thing ... !! So, is that "significant announcement" related to Master Yamato? Kaido: That is ... (probably interrupted by BlackMaria) Black Maria: indeed ... Ulti: Annoying !! It's your family problem !! Page One: Hey !!! Who's Who: And When we bring him back safely? Kaido: I'm going to let you challenge AllStars through a nomination system !! .... How is it? Who's Who: Really? I will do it !!! Kaido: How about it (AllStars) ? King, Jack: Yes, no problem at all.
  6. Kaido: For example, this is the mission you want to ask. Bring back my stupid son Yamato who is missing today !!Black maria; Oops, such a daunting thing! So, the "Great Announcement, which is related to Mr. Yamato's 12 Kaido: That's ... Black Maria; Indeed .. Ulti: Annoying !! It's your family problem! Page One: Hey !! Whoshoo: When you bring it back safely? Kaido: Zero nomination 「I will give you the challenge to the calamity !! How is it? Who's Who: Really? I will do it !!!Kaido: Doesn't matter? King, Jack: Yes, not at all
  7. aeiouy

    Kingdom 641

    ba déjà, shin général et kyoukai commandante de 5000 hommes pour sur Apres pour le reste faut voir : peut etre naki, gaku rai et den ryuu 3000, les suivants a 300 voir directement 500
  8. aeiouy

    Kingdom 641

    les 3 passeront général
  9. aeiouy

    Kingdom 641

    Unité Ri Shin ça sonne bien
  10. - The whole chapter is showing Onigashima , Kaido manor inside the manor. - Ulti has a sharp-tongued. - The last page Ulti rant Kaido about his family.
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