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  1. Lien VF:   Spoil Fr : Chapitre 1.016 : "Ici Tama !!" - D'après CP0, après le changement de camp des Pleasures et des Waiters, la bataille est laissée à 20 000 membres du côté de Kaidou contre 7 000 guerriers de la part des samouraïs. - Nami contre Ulti. Nami gagne grâce à Zeus. - Usopp attrape Bao Huang et dit à Tama de parler à toute l'île avec les Marys. - Yamato vs Kaidou en fin de chapitre. - Yamato : "Je vais prendre la mer avec Luffy ! Mais avant ça, on te vire d'abord de Wanokuni !!" - Kaidou : "Ne pense pas que je vais me retenir, Yamato !!" - Pause la semaine prochaine. Spoils us - Chapter 1,016: "It's Tama!!" - CP0 says that since the Pleasures and Waiters switched their side, the number is now 20,000 warriors in Kaidou's side Vs. 7,000 warriors in samurai's side. - Nami Vs. Ulti. Nami wins thanks to Zeus. - Usopp catches Bao Huang and tells Tama she must talk to all the island with Marys. - Yamato Vs. Kaidou at the end of the chapter. - Yamato: "I'm going out to the sea with Luffy. But before that we will kick you out of Wanokuni first!!" - Kaidou: "Don't think I'm gonna go easy on you, Yamato!!" - Break next week Source : Redon
  2. Et voilà le résumé complet en anglais Full summary.Chapter 1,013: "Anarchy In The BM” (BM is for Big Mom, the name appears in katakana). In the cover, Sanji (with a knife in his left hand) is about to fight with a shark that looks like Zoro (it holds 3 swords and wears a haramaki) while Zoro is sleeping in the sofa. The shark is in the Thousand Sunny's tank. Chapter starts where the last one ended. Usopp tells Nami there's no chance of winning against Ulti and Big Mom but Nami refuses to run away since she can't forgive Ulti. Ulti recovers from Nami attack and goes for her. Nami attacks Ulti with "Tornado=Tempo" but Ulti avoids the attack and grabs Nami. She is about to crush Nami with a headbutt. Big Mom assembles Hera, Prometheus and Napoleon into a canon-like weapon (based in this Godzilla's films weapon) and shoots a new attack called "Maser Cannon" (鳴光砲 - Roaring Light Gun) a powerful beam that goes right through Ulti's stomach. Ulti's eyes turn white and she falls to the ground. Hera is revealed, she is also a thunder cloud and is drawn a bit differently from Zeus (her lines are more curvy like Wanokuni clouds). Napoleon and Prometheus are very happy, they say unlike Zeus, Hera is very in sync with them. Zeus could never pull off a combined attack like the one they did now. It is revealed too that Prometheus asked Big Mom to give him a girlfriend. But Hera doesn't care about Prometheus or Napoleon, she only obeys Big Mom. Nami sees Zeus hiding in a corner but she refuses to look at him since she's still angry. Big Mom notices Zeus, he apologizes to her and says he's happy to see new Homies joining the group. Big Mom: "Zeus, I no longer requires you!! Hera!! You can eat Zeus and become more powerful!!" Hera bites Zeus and starts eating him. Prometheus and Napoleon talk about how Zeus let Big Mom fall to her death and how his stupidity slow them down again and again. Big Mom pulls Tama away from Ussop. Big Mom says Tama that the Straw Hats are bad pirates and she shouldn't be with them. Zeus is crying and apologizing to Nami. Zeus says no one is kind to him like Nami is. But he's a coward so he can't refuse Big Mom's orders. Zeus: "It's fine if you don't forgive me, Nami! I understand!! But now, for the first and last time in my life, I'm going to rebel against Mom! And I want you see me, Nami!!!" Zeus then turns into a black thunder cloud and attacks Big Mom. However, Big Mom easily squashes Zeus with one hand. Big Mom then starts pulling Zeus' soul away from him. Nami feels pity for Zeus so she shoots black balls at him, telling Zeus to eat them and gets away. But Zeus is too weak, so he can't reach the balls. Hera flies in and eat all black balls and Zeus too, giving her more power. Tama tells Nami and Usopp to use this chance to run away from Big Mom so they all run away together. Big Mom gets angry when she notices Tama. Big Mom: "Why are you running away from me Otama!? I hate those that try to leave my side! I gotta kill them all!!" Big Mom raises Napoleon and she's about to attack Nami, Usopp and Tama all together. But Kid appears and stops Napoleon. Then he grabs Big Mom's head with his huge metal hand and throws her head to the ground. Kid: "Punk Gibson!!!" Big Mom: "...!! Kid..." Kid: "Go away Strawhats! She is my prey!!!" Kaidou's subordinates: "Oh! "Captain" Kid~~~!!!" Cut to Onigashima's rooftop. Kaidou in human form is standing alone, panting. Kaido: "I knew it would end like this right from the beginning... Hah. You are just a brat who obtains a powerful weapon and went ahead of yourself. Human doesn't abandon hope. No, they are unable to abandon hope. Hah. That's what makes thing troublesome for me. I haven't gotten this fired up in a long time, so I made one mistake. I should've cut your head and "declare my victory". At this rate, everyone will just continue to believe that you can win against me..." In a final epic spread we see Luffy, unconscious, falling in midair. Onigashima is floating far away above him... End of chapter. Break next week.
  3. Traduction des pages de Sanjy Fodder : It's Black Leg Sanji with a bounty of 330million! Get him!! Fodder : Uwah!! Fodder : Look! He's carrying something on his back!! Sanji : Wheez Wheez Fodder : Could it be....Pirate Hunter Zoro!!! Fodder : Huh!? a big shot carrying another big shot!! (big shot refers to their bounties) Sanji : Watch your mouth!! Huff huff!! Sanji : Don't get in my way Marimo!! Sanji (flashback): Aaah!! Sanji: ... I know! you don’t have to spell it out to me!! Sanji: That aside, left with me, I’d have already dumped you off somewhere but...!! Kawamatsu: Sangoro-dono! Sanji: Oh! It’s you, Kappa!! Sanji: So you lot are safe! That’s a relief!! Sanji: Huh!? I was just headed over to check on Momonosuke! Kawamatsu: Kin’emon has headed off to him so he’s in good hands!! Zoro: if it’s somewhere that is need of help, then head to the Live Floor... Zoro: *snores* Sanji: Don’t just request something and dose off again you dolt! Zoro: *snores* ???: Let’s hurry!! ???: The number of victims on our side are increasing! Page sur Neko Kawamatsu: Well then, Kin’emon! Neko! I’m headed off to somewhere else! Neko: Yeah, I’ll also be doing the same! Kin’emon: May you have good fortunes in battle! Kiku! Follow me! Kiku: Yes!! Neko: Pedro died!? Is that what you said!? Bariete: Yes...he appears to have died on Big Mom’s territory Shishilian: Luffy and the others were able to arrive successfully on Wano thanks to his sacrifice...!! Neko: So that’s how it was...!! Bariete: However it appears the one responsible for Pedro’s death is on this island right now!! Bariete: Carrot & Wanda headed off in his direction in a rage so... Bariete: ...I hurried over to come and inform Captain Shishilian about it! Neko: Pedro, that was very admirable of you!! Neko: So the one responsible for his death is on the this island!!! Fodder : Uwaah the cat is flying!! Minks : Sir!! Inside the castle, first floor, attic Yamato : Watch out for the "Marys"! Yamato : You and I are being targeted together!! Momonosuke -kun! so I'll play the bait!!! Yamato : Look, this is you!! sfx around Yamato: itch itch itch itch Momonosuke : you're just itching to fight and not even trying to hide it Yamato : Yes, thank you Shinobu-san! Momonosuke-kun, is luffy okay!? Momo : It's the same as a bit ago....he's weak but fine, however.... Momo : There are only two "voices".... Yamato : Huh, a "1 vs 1"... I need to hurry up!! Momo : So all of father's adventure is here... I've heard a lot about it...
  4. Full summary, chapter of 15 pages (instead of 17 pages).Chapter 1,012: "Itching". In the cover, Kid is creating a metal bird while a family of little birds is making a nest on his head. Chapter starts with the Red Scabbards on the 3rd floor, they are running to help Momonosuke. Izou asks Kiku whether her arm is OK. Kiku replies that for a samurai this wound just feels like an itch. Then she mentions that her heart also itched a bit the day Izou suddenly left Wanokuni. Izou apoligizes to Kiku for suddenly leaving her behind. Kawamatsu asks Izou what he think will become of Wanokuni once they open the country to the world. Izou says they can talk about that once they survive until morning. Kinemon says they are outnumber on all fronts, so they should split up and go help everyone. Kinemon will go save Momonosuke alone. Kiku asks to be the one to finish Kanjuurou once and for all. Kinemon allows it and tells her to come with him. The rest of the Red Scabbards split up and go different ways. Nekomamushi runs into Shishilian and Bariete (the monkey Mink). He then learns that Pedro is dead (remember Nekomamushi arrived to Wanokuni at the beginning of he battle) and the killer is also near on this island, currently fighting Carrot and Wanda. After knowing that, Nekomamushi jumps ahead of the others. Cut to Yamato, Momonosuke and Shinobu, they are in the attic. Yamato says they shouldn't stay together since the “Marys” will spot them. So Yamato created a cute looking (but obviously fake) Momonosuke dummy and she will take it with her and act as decoy. But Momonosuke and Shinobu looks at Yamato and can tell that she's obviously "itching" to fight. Before leaving, Yamato asks Momonosuke how is Luffy. Momonosuke says Luffy is still doing fine but the "voices" up there are down to just to 2 people. Yamato: "So it has turned into 1 on 1 fight... I must hurry!!" After Yamato leaves, Momonosuke opens Oden's journal... Cut to Sanji, he's on the 2nd floor. He's running to help Momonosuke and fighting Kaidou's men while he's carrying a huge cross on his back. That cross is Zoro, that is heavily injured. A little flashback starts. Law, Zoro and Zeus appeared above Sanji and Sanji had to carry Law and Zoro. Sanji asked Zeus for Nami, but Zeus got scared and flied away. Law heard Big Mom so he said he's going to follow her. Then he told Sanji that Zoro broke about 20-30 bones in his body, so Sanji should treat his wounds first. Sanji tied Zoro to pieces of woods and put so many bandages on him that Zoro looks like a huge cross. Sanji: "Who the hell made you this injured!?" Zoro: "Kaido and Big Mom." Sanji: "OK, that's understandable. How's Luffy?" Zoro: "It seems he's understood something. He will surely win!!" Sanji: "No need to tell me. I already know!!" Back to the present, Zoro is sleeping while Sanji is complaining and fighting Kaidou's men. Sanji then runs into Kawamatsu and Izou. They tell him Kinemon is already going to save Momonosuke so Sanji doesn't need to go there. Zoro suddenly wakes up and tells them that they should go to help people at the “Live Floor”, then he goes back to sleep again. Cut back to Big Mom. Page One has his head stuck into the floor, it seems he's heavily injured. Ulti runs toward Big Mom in rage. Nami says to Big Mom that Ulti is the one behind whatevers making Big Mom angry. Big Mom: "Shut up! After I've finished with these guys, I'll deal with you "Straw Hats" later!!" Nami then tries to side with Ulti instead. Nami: "Ulti-chan!! Let's take down Big Mom together!!" Ulti: "Shut up! After I'm finished with Big Mom, you guys are next!!" Ulti then jumps at them and uses her "Ulti-Mortar" to knock down Komachiyo. She then slaps Tama. Big Mom is enraged and steps in front of Ulti. Big Mom: "How dare you hurt my friend!?" Ulti: "How dare you hurt my brother!?" But suddenly, Nami jumps at Ulti and hits her with a thunderbolt, knocking Ulti to the ground. Usopp: "Hey, wait Nami! Aren't we running away!?" Nami: "I can't anymore... after what she's done to a kid... I'm gonna crush this woman here!!!" End of chapter. No break in next Jump issue.
  5. - Chapter 1,012: "Swirl".- No break after this chapter. But due Golden Week, next Spoilers will appear around 11-12th May.
  6. ok some more info from wgseemingly:"Kaidou: enough. This will leave a scar (or wound) , Thunder Bagua !!" "+some explanations:"Zoro tells Law that this attack is the best he can do so if this doesn't work, it's up to him.Zoro chants some dialogue with the Asura technique (provider omits some of the wording)Zoro attacks Kaido with it.Kaido: "You also have King's haki?" (Some dialogue omitted by the provider). It's no surprise that this attack will leave a wound."Kaido attacks Law with Thunder Bagua "(NB i dont get if its Law only or maybe Law and zoro who get hit)
  7. From Redon:- There is another Kaido's attack "Anti-Three Year Hell" or something like that. (different from the image) -About Big Mom, it is not that it falls into the sea at the end of the chapter. They have just thrown it off the island and it starts to fall towards the sea, but you can't see it touching the water or anything (although without Zeus or Prometheus, it has no way of stopping the fall). -Zoro cuts Prometheus with his "Homurasaki". From WGAbout Kaido technique name:-Kaido attack name "Hell of Lord the Three Realms" or " Hell of the Three Realms " -One of the five great kings of Buddhism. A god of anger with four faces called "Trailokya"
  8. From WG:-Jack appears and try to stop Akazaya but Inuarashi counter him, the rest of them run to find Momonosuke.From Redon and 5chCredit WG- It is confirmed that Oden is a drawing created by Kanjuuro. -Kanjuuro controls the false Oden from a distance -Kanjuro is not even close to the scene -The fake Oden has a bomb tied to his body - When the bomb is about to explode, Ashura jumps with the false Oden through a window, they fall to a lower area and explode together. From Redon and 5ch- They ask if Ashura can go with the Red Scabbards to help Momonosuke, the leaker says that after the explosion his silhouette is seen and that he seems very damaged (basically he says no). - Kanjuuro appears in the chapter. - Jack arrives where the Red Pods are after the explosion. -They also ask him what the hybrid form of Kaidou is like, the leaker says that it is very similar to his human form but with scales, and that his face is like the one in the drawing of the Korean leaker. From Redon and 5ch- They ask if we see more of the battle of the roof of Onigashima. - The Japanese filter says that it is not drawn but that it is intuited that they continue to fight. - Luffy attacks hastily but is rejected again and again. - Kaidou and Big Mom come out at the end and the conversation is the one published yesterday by the Korean leaker. - The last page is the Kaidou that we already saw drawn yesterday. From Redon and 5ch- Someone asks about Yamato and Momonosuke's part. - The Japanese leaker says it is 1 page of the chapter. - It seems Momonosuke can control his transformation much better. - Yamato wonders if Luffy is OK and says that he wants to fight Kaidou as Oden. - Momonosuke says that Luffy is weakened but that he is fine. - Shinobu is surprised to hear him and asks how he knows that.
  9. J'ai édité mon message, apparement la partie sur Jack n'est pas présente dans le chapitre
  10. D'après le résumé Coréen : From Korean Leaker:- Chapter 1.008: "Leader of the Bandits of Atamayama, Ashura Douji".-Oden says that he has reached the future thanks to Toki's powers.- Ashura Douji does not believe him and gives him a cut, Oden does not bleed.-He is revealed to be a fake Oden created by Kanjuuro's powers.- A bomb explodes affecting the fake Oden and Ashura.- Orochi is alive.- There is a scene with Yamato and Momonosuke.- Kaidou in hybrid form and Big Mom Vs. Worst Generation.Law: We must remove one of them.Zoro: I agree.Kid: Having the two of them in front of you, side by side, is like being in hell.Luffy: I've already been to hell many times !!- No rest next week
  11. Complément du spoil Koréen Korean leaker says we can see in the chapter the character that appears in front of Red Scabbards but korean leaker won't say who's he/she becouse it will surprise the readers.And it seems no Sanji in the chapter. Le mec est assez sadique de pas vouloir le dire ...
  12. D'autres petits ajouts sur le spoil initial : from TalkOPSanji seems to have made a decision after hesitation but not sure if the decision was correct.There is several movements in this vs(Marco vs Queen and King) Chapter Title Update:-1006. Chapter Title: "Hyogoro of the Flowers the Chivalrous"
  13. En fait d'après les spoils plus détaillés, il aurait donné ses ordres avant, ils n'interagissent pas directement dans le chapitre. On King's orders, Black Maria is to end someone's life.Spoiler does not actually mention that King and Black Maria interact in this chapter
  14. Deux petites précisions en plus qui vont surement en décevoir certains : - La forme hybride de Kaido apparait seulement en silhouette. - When the CP0 appeared they were sorry about losing their “ally/ or friend” Orochi and that theparty turned to a fight
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