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  1. Chapter 991: “Please let us die!”. In the cover, Pound hugs Lola and Chiffon for the first time in 26 years T_T Drake thinks about his conversation with Koby. Koby said him that Luffy has the power to attract other people. Zoro blocks Drake, he sais he can't trust him. Jinbe warns Drake that there are rules of honor even in pirate world, so he can't trust either in someone who switch side easily. Luffy: "Oh, it's OK. We can fight together." Zoro & Jinbei: "Shut up you idiot captain!!" In other part, Page One transforms and attacks samurai but he's hit by Usopp's Midori Boshi: Dokuro Bakuhatsu So (Green Star: Skull Bombgrass). Ulti tries to find who fired the shot to her brother and she sees Nami. Nami: "I'm Nami and I love to get rid of lizards like you!!" However, it's not Nami the one that talks. Usopp is behind Nami, he's the one that said that to Ulti. Nami and Usopp run away, making Page One and Ulti follow them. Apoo attacks Luffy (he's not using Gear 4) but Luffy covers his ears in time to avoid Apoo attack. Apoo tries to help Haccha to become sober. He's in charge of controlling Numbers and says that the other Numbers got defeated easily because they were drunk. Haccha sees Franky and thinks he's a toy. Jinbei tells Franky to lure Haccha outside to help the samurai. Apoo tries to call other Numbers but Drake and Zoro attack him together. Apoo asks Drake if he's with this "weak" pirate group now, so Zoro gets angry. Drake has always dislike Apoo as well, so Zoro and him decided to join hands to defeat Apoo. But Queen appears and shoots them all with his machine gun. Drake seems shocked when he realizes what kind of bullets Queen used. Cut to the top of Onigashima's dome, all Kaidou's men and Number Nanki are defeated. Jack is thrown to the ground heavily injured with one of his tusks broken. However he also managed to defeat most of the Sulong Minks. Kaidou has to step in since Jack is about to be killed. Jack: "Sorry." Kaido: "Jack, you're not weak. Those two are just simply too strong." Then we finally see Inuarashi and Nekomamushi Sulong form in an amazing doublespread page. Kinemon thanks the Minks for opening the path to Kaidou for them. Kaidou tells Jack to go to recover. He then laughs and prepares his Bolo Breath. Kaidou: "How many times you think you can escape from this attack?" Kinemon: "We never think about escaping." Kinemon uses his "Kitsunebiryuu" style and cuts Kaidou's Bolo Breath in half. He also injures Kaidou's mouth. Red Scabbards: "We're done escaping and hiding. Please, let us die here as Lord Oden's samurai! And we'll take you along with us!!" END. No break next week.
  2. Spoil un peu plus détaillé -The key this week is Drake & Tobiroppo-The one Whos Who wants to kill = The one Queen wants to kill = The one Hawkins predicted (1% chance of being alive until the next day) = Drake-The reason why Who's Who is trying to kill Drake is not that he discovered that Drake was a navy, but because he suspected he had freed Law.-There is no confrontation structure-Luffy and Zoro face the Numbers-The last cut is Luffy, Zoro, Drake & Numbers-Break next week from worstgen
  3. From OP Discord-Take this with a pinch of salt - The one Queen wants to kill, comes to light, and it seems that he is a member of Tobiroppo.- The one Who's Who wants to kill also appears (it is implied that it is the same one Queen wants to kill).- Drake and Hawkins also appear in the chapter. Drake asks him "What are you doing?" and Hawkins predicts "The probability of survival until tomorrow of a certain person is 1%."- Break next week-by Redon on the Spanish site- Redon says “the Korean who has leaked the spoilers says that both queen and who’s who want to kill X drake”- Redon also says “There are more spoilers out there regarding Perospero and Smoothie but I'm pretty sure they are false”
  4. Traduction de la dernière page : Beast Pirates: They are the Straw Hats Pirates!!Luffy: Damn, crossing over it won't be easyZoro: We just have to focus on going up!!Sanji: Are all those flying birds using Devil Fruit?!Luffy: I'm going to kick Kaido's ass. I'm leaving the rest in your hands. Support my back.Everyone: Wooo, leave it in our hands.
  5. Petite erreur dans le spoil, c'est Robin et Jinbe qui se bat à côté de Robin Quoting redon :"Sorry, it's not Franky.- Jinbe and Robin fight together
  6. Les spoils un peu plus détaillés : One Piece chapter 988 ; Title; A Soulful entranceChapter begins with all minks transforming into sulong. Nekomamushi and inuarashi both manage to deeply scratch kaido but get taken down easily. Kaido uses heat blaze to knock most of them out. Scabbards attack from behind but kaido flies even higher. The heat with snow creates a fog which covers the moon.Big mom is chasing luffy and brook appears with a grand entrance knocking all the homies down with his song.King is keeping a watch on momonosuke but sanji comes from behind for an attack. King notices and clashes with sanji. King knows the evil Germa 66. Break next week Translation credits to Djiaebeey (Wg)Script up to pg.4 (translated from korean)Cover-Page 1 Gang Bege's Oh My Family vol.32 p.2-3 : 1. Kaido: As expected, Mink tribe turn on the night of full moon into berserk warrior "sulong" worororo 3. (not sure who is talking, maybe Jack) I must have done it, samurai!! Allowing intrusion so far was coz of our lack of preparation.......!! Know that you will never be able to approach Mr. Kaido again!! 4. (likely minks but not sure who talks) Jack! Wait you-gara! Jack is the man of evil who ruined our country of 1000 year-long history I have told you many times that there is no samurai. 5. (again not sure who talks but it might be Raizo from context) I am the one right there who were said to not be there! A protected life, and I will repay you several times in this fight! p.4 1. It's you? Not yet... The dukes are... Let's prepare for Kaido ! edit : confirmed so far summary : - Chapter 988: "Sorry to wait" / "I've waited a lot" (the translation is not yet clear). - On the cover it looks like someone is shooting at Pound (possibly the Marines). - The first part of the chapter is focused on what happens on the roof of the Onigashima dome. - Jack reaches the roof of Onigashima where the Mink and Kaidou are. - The 3 Musketeers (Sisilian, Giovanni and Concelot) and the Guardians (Blackback and Roddy) transform into Sulong and face Jack.
  7. From @redonSanji vs KingBrook gets a moment with Big Mom
  8. Une autre image pour ce chapitre de fou
  9. Le Raw : https://manamoa.net/bbs/board.php?bo_table=manga&wr_id=3647882
  10. chapter Title: 986話 拙者の名前 "sessha no namae" (my name)Ulti and Who's Who looking for Luffy and Yamato in the same floor.Scabbards yell "SUNACCHI" (the chant Zoro taught Momo) as they attack Kaido. Kaido recognizes Kyoshiro there. He says "You're (Teme) Kyoshiro?"
  11. Shin Uchi se traduit par Headliner, donc je ne pense pas que cela soit son nom, mais plutôt son rang chez Kaido. Sinon il y a ce spoil sur un site Coréen qui n'est pas confirmé encore : Kidd is going ahead and Luffy is following him- Luffy : "Kinemon! Don't worry i'll make sure he doesn't ruin the plan!"- Zoro : "Luffy is the type to make things go worst so i'll go handle it myself"- Kidd, Luffy, Zoro disappear and everyone feels uneasy something will go wrong coz of them- While Luffy is about to catch up with Kidd, he arrives at some place where Kaido's underlings are drinking alcohol and he gets mad, thinking about Tama, when he sees them complaining the red bean porridge is trash
  12. Kaido's son is *NOT* revealed/shown this chapter according to the spoiler provvider in WG From WorstgenKorean blog source modifies their spoiler, says Kaido's son is not revealed but his name is.
  13. Page one est ok. Le nom des autres : Apparent Tobi Roppo names: Reversis, Hanafuda, Monte
  14. https://scantrad.net/mangas/one-piece/976
  15. Traduction d'une partie du chapitre : Inuarashi: Spill the beans Kin'emon!Kawamastu: Everything ended up alright in the end, so I won't get angry, so say it!Kin'emon: Stop that!Raizou: You honestly thought that it was Tokage port didn't you?!Kin'emon: Stop It Already !!Kin'emon:.. I Might Actually Die In This Battle Today I Feel Like I've Just Used Up My Lifetime's Worth Of LuckAshura: But All Our Our Luck Also Got Used up because our hearts are one with you.Kiku: That's right! Kin ~ samaKiku: When you die, I won't allow you to die aloneInuarashi: We are Samurai that served under Oden-sama togetherAshura: We were all born and brought up in different places but when you die, know that we die togetherKin'emon: Hearing that from you shabby guys doesn't make me happy at all.Kyoushiro: Let's raise our blades (in triumph?) Kin-san.We've already won the first battle of preparation.Kin'emon: Let's accept this fate together and dispel all of the regret that was left behind by Oden ~sama.All the Samurai: Yea !!!! Kin'emon ~ dono, we will definitely change Wano !!!Beast Pirates: Those are some insane numbers ~!Beast Pirates: Prepare the cannons !!Beast Pirates: Doesn't matter how many they are, we have a battleship on our side and the other side are just ferry boatsKanjuro: "I have to report this ... "" I've accomplished my mission "" I only have one more thing to do now "Beast Pirates: Have you already got in touch with Onigashima ?!Beast Pirates: I did but there's no answer. 're are probably all just absorbed in the excitement of the feast.* Kawamatsu crosses the sea and then attacks Kanjuro *Kin'emon: Kawamatsu!Kawamatsu: I won't let you have momonosuke ~ samaKanjuro: I'll drag you along with me as well you fish-man bastardKanjuro: The Kozuki clan has already met it's end* Kanjuro summons a bird that looks like a crane *Momonosuke: Kawamatsu !!Kawamatsu: Momonosuke ~ sama!Kanjuro: I'll also hunt Hiyori down and put an end to herKanjuro: I now know that she's alive now after allAngry Kawamatsu: ...... !!Kin'emon: Damn I'm pissed! To think you could draw a bird that can fly so elegantlyKin'emon: We've never seen you draw a bird that wasn't ugly and dripping with water beforeKin'emon: Farewell you lot!Momonosuke: Gyaaa! It's high! I'm scared!Kanjuro: Regardless, at any rate, the likes of you lot won't be a match for Kaidou ~ sama's army.Kanjuro: You won't even be able to get into Onigashima * kakaka *Momosuke: Please let me down ~!Momonosuke: It's scary! someone please ~!Luffy: Oi ~! where are you going? Kanjuro! Momo!Yakuza: Whoa! Momonosuke ~ sama got ... ***Yakuza: Return Momonosuke ~ sama to us at once ~!Sanji: It's okay if I assume Kanjuro is the spy right? Robin ~ chan* Sanji sets off to the skies using his Moon Walk *Robin: Seems like it. We have to save him.Chopper: Luffy ~ They are saying Kanjuro was the spy !! Momo will get taken away!Luffy: What ?!Luffy: Is That True ?! Since The Very Beginning ?!Luffy: That Bastard ~Usopp: I'll Shoot Him DownSanji:!? Huh What The Hell Is This CloudKin'emon: Do Not Go after him Sanj ~ dono, pull back!Kin'emon: I have a bad feeling about that cloudKanjuro: "Sumi ~ gumo" (Ink Cloud)Kanjuro: "Illustration of evening showers of the fleeting world '" !!!Kin'emon: It's probably another of his techniques that we've never seen before againKanjuro: Rain down on them! Ink Arrows!Samurai: Waaa !!! Turn / Move the ship !!!Momonosuke: Please I beg you, stop it Kanjuro, everyone will dieKanjuro: That's exactly right. Everyone will die at long last and with your father Oden ...Kanjuro: Your mother Toki dangled hope in front of their eyes and extended their time of death by 20 years.Kanjuro: However, the general of those hardy samurai is ... an empty coward of a kid that is scared of heights. .Kanjuro: Kakaka ... it's something worth laughing atMomonosuke: I'M The One That Most Understands The Reality That I Am Not Kozuki Oden (Painful?).Momonosuke: More So Than Anyone ElseMomonosuke: Everyone, Can You Hear Me!Samurai: Momonosuke ~ Sama ?!Momonsouke: Everyone, don't worry about me! That is exactly what the enemy wants!Momonosuke: I will escape this predicament by myself, so I'd like everyone to defeat Kaidou and Orochi and protect Wano Country.Momomosuke: * Internal Dialogue Start * (What do I do ... It's impossible for me ...)Momonosuke: (With this, no one will come save me ... but ...)Samurai: * Overwhelmed * Such divine words from one so young ... Momonosuke ~ sama!Luffy: To think some like you just said that.You just showed me a very manly sideLuffy: Yes that's right Momo! You're just a stupid kid that scares easy! You're just a top ~ not wearing chibi that is putting up a front!Samurai: Who is that bastard?! Hack him down to pieces!Luffy: Find a way to survive somehow.I'll definitely go to save you! We're friends after all!* Momo balls is eyes out and nods his head several times *Luffy: Let's go! Onward to Onigashima!Franky & Usopp: Yea !!! (puck note: probably balling their eyes out as well ... lolz)Franky: One of the ships is running awayLuffy: Doesn't matter, we are going the same way regardlessKin'emon: Is everyone alright?Samurai: We have a few injured and some ships that have become unusable. of dying on the sea as anything but regret.Shinobu:Sorry Kin ~sama.I was with him but ... Kin'emon: More than anything else, I'm glad that you are unharmedKin'emon: I assume Momonosuke as well won't get his life taken sosoon.Raizou: You! What happened to your face?!Kyoushiro: A lot happened.I'm glad I'm able to meet you all. Pour l'image de Law et Kid : Law: You've gotta be kidding me!! Jinbe: I look forward to sailing with you all from now on. Kid: You're going to join the strawhats?!!
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