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  1. ok some more info from wgseemingly:"Kaidou: enough. This will leave a scar (or wound) , Thunder Bagua !!" "+some explanations:"Zoro tells Law that this attack is the best he can do so if this doesn't work, it's up to him.Zoro chants some dialogue with the Asura technique (provider omits some of the wording)Zoro attacks Kaido with it.Kaido: "You also have King's haki?" (Some dialogue omitted by the provider). It's no surprise that this attack will leave a wound."Kaido attacks Law with Thunder Bagua "(NB i dont get if its Law only or maybe Law and zoro who get hit)
  2. From Redon:- There is another Kaido's attack "Anti-Three Year Hell" or something like that. (different from the image) -About Big Mom, it is not that it falls into the sea at the end of the chapter. They have just thrown it off the island and it starts to fall towards the sea, but you can't see it touching the water or anything (although without Zeus or Prometheus, it has no way of stopping the fall). -Zoro cuts Prometheus with his "Homurasaki". From WGAbout Kaido technique name:-Kaido attack name "Hell of Lord the Three Realms" or " Hell of the Three Realms " -One of the five great kings of Buddhism. A god of anger with four faces called "Trailokya"
  3. From WG:-Jack appears and try to stop Akazaya but Inuarashi counter him, the rest of them run to find Momonosuke.From Redon and 5chCredit WG- It is confirmed that Oden is a drawing created by Kanjuuro. -Kanjuuro controls the false Oden from a distance -Kanjuro is not even close to the scene -The fake Oden has a bomb tied to his body - When the bomb is about to explode, Ashura jumps with the false Oden through a window, they fall to a lower area and explode together. From Redon and 5ch- They ask if Ashura can go with the Red Scabbards to help Momonosuke, the leaker says that after the explosion his silhouette is seen and that he seems very damaged (basically he says no). - Kanjuuro appears in the chapter. - Jack arrives where the Red Pods are after the explosion. -They also ask him what the hybrid form of Kaidou is like, the leaker says that it is very similar to his human form but with scales, and that his face is like the one in the drawing of the Korean leaker. From Redon and 5ch- They ask if we see more of the battle of the roof of Onigashima. - The Japanese filter says that it is not drawn but that it is intuited that they continue to fight. - Luffy attacks hastily but is rejected again and again. - Kaidou and Big Mom come out at the end and the conversation is the one published yesterday by the Korean leaker. - The last page is the Kaidou that we already saw drawn yesterday. From Redon and 5ch- Someone asks about Yamato and Momonosuke's part. - The Japanese leaker says it is 1 page of the chapter. - It seems Momonosuke can control his transformation much better. - Yamato wonders if Luffy is OK and says that he wants to fight Kaidou as Oden. - Momonosuke says that Luffy is weakened but that he is fine. - Shinobu is surprised to hear him and asks how he knows that.
  4. J'ai édité mon message, apparement la partie sur Jack n'est pas présente dans le chapitre
  5. D'après le résumé Coréen : From Korean Leaker:- Chapter 1.008: "Leader of the Bandits of Atamayama, Ashura Douji".-Oden says that he has reached the future thanks to Toki's powers.- Ashura Douji does not believe him and gives him a cut, Oden does not bleed.-He is revealed to be a fake Oden created by Kanjuuro's powers.- A bomb explodes affecting the fake Oden and Ashura.- Orochi is alive.- There is a scene with Yamato and Momonosuke.- Kaidou in hybrid form and Big Mom Vs. Worst Generation.Law: We must remove one of them.Zoro: I agree.Kid: Having the two of them in front of you, side by side, is like being in hell.Luffy: I've already been to hell many times !!- No rest next week
  6. Complément du spoil Koréen Korean leaker says we can see in the chapter the character that appears in front of Red Scabbards but korean leaker won't say who's he/she becouse it will surprise the readers.And it seems no Sanji in the chapter. Le mec est assez sadique de pas vouloir le dire ...
  7. D'autres petits ajouts sur le spoil initial : from TalkOPSanji seems to have made a decision after hesitation but not sure if the decision was correct.There is several movements in this vs(Marco vs Queen and King) Chapter Title Update:-1006. Chapter Title: "Hyogoro of the Flowers the Chivalrous"
  8. En fait d'après les spoils plus détaillés, il aurait donné ses ordres avant, ils n'interagissent pas directement dans le chapitre. On King's orders, Black Maria is to end someone's life.Spoiler does not actually mention that King and Black Maria interact in this chapter
  9. L'image en meilleure qualité
  10. Deux petites précisions en plus qui vont surement en décevoir certains : - La forme hybride de Kaido apparait seulement en silhouette. - When the CP0 appeared they were sorry about losing their “ally/ or friend” Orochi and that theparty turned to a fight
  11. Petits détails en plus sur le spoil : Zoro used Enma against Kaido's "Great Wind"After Zoro cuts Boro Breath, he attacks Kaido with a Flying Dragon flame technique (might be the one he used vs Ryuma in Thriller Bark).No Break Next Week.Edit: Tecnique Name: Flying Dragon: Fire Blaze
  12. Un petit détail en plus dans le spoil : Redon confirmedCredit:WGAccording to Arab sources, Shanks is one of the people shown behind Luffy in the raws
  13. - Luffy and Kid making a joke about Big Mom's fireball attack - Luffy and the other supernovas doing something (no details mentioned) Un tout petit détail en plus
  14. Ça vient de Redon. C'est fiable à 100% C'est lui qui a partagé l'image aussi
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