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  1. Un petit détail en plus dans le spoil : Redon confirmedCredit:WGAccording to Arab sources, Shanks is one of the people shown behind Luffy in the raws
  2. - Luffy and Kid making a joke about Big Mom's fireball attack - Luffy and the other supernovas doing something (no details mentioned) Un tout petit détail en plus
  3. Ça vient de Redon. C'est fiable à 100% C'est lui qui a partagé l'image aussi
  4. Résumé venant de Redon Chapter 1,000: "Straw Hat Luffy". Luffy reaches the 5th floor of Onigashima and finds out that all of Kaidou's subordinates on this floor were defeated by the Minks (it seems Jack is nowhere). Luffy finds Shishilian and talks to him. Shishilian: "Straw Hat, this is all we can do to help you." Luffy: "It's OK! I don't forget how you gave your lives to protect Raizou." Shishilian cries as Luffy walks up to the Top floor of Onigashima. Cut to Live Floor, we can see Queen and King trying to stop Marco. Queen stretches his neck (like Inspector Gadget) to attack Marco, it seems he's a cyborg or something ike that. But Marco, in phoenix form, locks both King and Queen's necks with both of his wings. Then he throws Zoro up to the ceiling. Cut back to Yamato. She says she picked up Oden's journal at the riverbank on the day that Oden's castle was burned. It seems someone saved it from the castle. Yamato tells Momonosuke she will give him the journal. Yamato: "You were born on Shirohige's ship and then spent time on Roger's ship, right? They once said that 20 years in the future, a new generation of strong people will emerge and come into the New World. And that future is now! I once thought Ace would be the one leading them, but when he died I realized something else..." Flashback of the night where Ace and Yamato were drinking. Ace let slipped what Luffy said him and Sabo about "what he will do at the end of his dream" (in chapter 585). Ace panicked and told Yamato not to laugh at what he said or he won't forgive her. However Yamato was in tears when she heard the words Luffy said, because she remembers that words are exactly the same words Roger said to Shirohige and Oden after his fight with Shirohige (in chapter 966). Ace and Sabo really believe Luffy can do it. Yamato: "I won't laugh about it since there's a great man in Oden's journal who said exactly the same words Luffy said." Ace: "A great man? Not bad. I'd love to drink with him." Yamato: "Unfortunately he is dead." Yamato then made Ace's Vivre Card and taught him what it can do. She said goodbye to him and told him the Vivre Card will bring them together again. Back to present. Yamato tells Momonosuke that one day Ace's Vivre Card disappeared. After that she found out via newespaper that Ace was Roger's son and that he had a brother who's also a pirate. Then Yamato explains to Momonosuke what Oden said in his journal regarding how the new generation of strong pirates will emerge to defeat Kaido 20 years in the future. As she narrates, we see Luffy reaching the top floor of Onigashima to find Kid is already there, and Law used his powers to get there as well. Then we see Luffy, Zoro, Kid, Killer y Law in front of Kaidou and Big Mom in an epic double spread. Kaidou: "Linlin, do you know what this brat once told me what he wants to become?" Big Mom: "I know, he's an insolent. He once said it to me too when he destroyed my castle." But Luffy walks past Kaidou and Big Mom without paying them any attention. Then he kneels down next to Kinemon, who was bloodied and lying on the ground along with other Red Scabbards. Kaidou: "Hey brat. Say it again in front of our faces! What do you want to become?" Luffy: "Sorry for being late, Kinemon." Kinemon: “I’m so ashamed! I cannot face Oden-sama in the afterlife anymore. Luffy-dono, can I ask you to bear the burden of Wanokuni for us?” Luffy: "Of course I will do! This is my friend's country!!" Kaidou swings his kanabo at Luffy. Luffy tells Law to help transport the Red Scabbards to the floor below. The he jumps and avoids Kaidou's attack. Luffy actives Gear 3, then we see flashes of Wanokuni characters' faces and voices until now (Momonosuke, the Red Scabbards, Yasuie...). Then Luffy uses a new attack called "Gomu Gomu no Red Rock" (ゴムゴムの業火銃拳 (レッドロック)) to punch Kaidou in the face. Kaidou's face is on fire as he falls down. Big Mom: "Hey, what the hell are you doing Kaido!? How can you be punched down like this!!" Luffy: "I am Monkey D. Luffy. The man who will surpass both of you... and become the "Pirate King"!!!" End of Chapter. No break in next issue.
  5. Translation from WG des 4 premières pages1.Stop it, Ace!Let's just go back!!-This appear to be Ace's crew trying to stop him from entering Wano.2.Episode 999 - 'The Waiting Liquor I Made for You'3. Huh... Ugh… . Who is it!! Identify yourself!!Sigh… . You tell me first!!!4. I'm Ace!!!I came to take Kaido's head!!!-3 and 4 This is obviously the conversation between Ace and Yamato.
  6. La page de couverture sera double avec le prochain numéro, c'est un rappel de la page de couverture du chapitre 100 mais avec les nouveaux membre
  7. Full summary.Chapter 997: "Homura" (Flame). In the cover we can see Sanji trying to meditate in a temple, but he's getting distracted by Nami playing volleyball outside. A tanuki monk wielding 3 swords, is hitting him. The sounds Sanji heard was from 2 of Black Maria's subordinates, it was all an act to lure Sanji into a trap. Sanji gets caught in a spider's web, he's surrounded by Black Maria and her subordinates who look like Japanese demons. 2 new Shinuchi are blocking the stairway between 3rd and 4th floor. They are Poker, a rattlesnake Smile user and Mizerka a girl user of the gorilla Smile (both have cool designs). The samurai make a hole between floors and make a ladder for Luffy and Jinbe to climb up directly to 4th floor. Poker and Mizerka are ignored. Big Mom flies up to the roof through the hole Kaidou made when he flew up to the top floor of Onigashima. In the main stage, Zoro notices something is falling down. It's Kiku's arm. Then Zoro decides to get serious. He walks to Apoo, who's busy fighting X Drake, and defeats him using the Ittouryuu (one sword style) . Zoro gives the antibody to Chopper and leaves the floor to him. Chopper announces that the virus is fused with gas that cools the body down. If infected people warm their body up with fire, the virus will stop spreading. Chopper tells everyone to warm up their bodies while he makes the antidote. He will cure everyone, including the enemies. Queen is about to shoot Chopper with his bazooka but Zoro sends a shockwave from his sword and destroys the bazooka. Zoro: "I'm not here to play your games! I'm here to cut down Kaidou, the strongest guy in the world!!" Suddenly the whole Onigashima island starts shaking. Brook thinks if it's Zoro's Haki and if he’s using Haoshoku Haki, but it's not. Zoro tries to find a way to go up but King and Queen are still guarding the hole in the ceiling. Marco flies into the room and offers help. Cut to everyone on the island reacting to the earthquake. Heart Pirates try to join the fight but because of the quake, their submarine cannot get close to Onigashima island. Cut to Yamato, she's taking Momonosuke to the port. Yamato says Momonosuke's life is very important for Wanokuni, so she will help him to leave the island. However when they reach the port there's no ships... and no sea. We finally discover why the island is shaking. Kaidou used "Homuragumo" (Flaming Cloud) to lift up the entire Onigashima to the sky. Then he flies it to the Flower Capital in Wanokuni. At the end of the chapter we can see Kaidou standing alone… Kaidou: "Let's begin the "world of violence"!!" END. Break next week.
  8. Voilà la traduction en Anglais de l'image ???: The floor opened up!!! ???: Woah!!!! ???: !!! ???: Aaargh!! Yamato: Oh! that's right!! There was something below!! Yamato: Momonosuke-kun!! Shinobu-san!! we are gonna escape below!! Franky: Momo!! Shinobu!! Are you both okay!? Did you get captured!? Momo/Shinbou: No, she's saving us!! Franky: Who are you!? Yamato: Ironman Franky!! I'll be leaving this place to you!! Yamato: I was (asked/tasked) by Luffy to take care of these two! (puck note: is my guess for this bit - it's cut off) ???: This bit is unreadable - it's cut off Franky: Super~~~Leave it to me!! Yamato: It'd be rude of me not to thank you somehow!! Shinobu: Huh?? Yamato: Hold on a second!! Yamato: Let me get rid of this dude at least... (puck note - sumin like that would be my guess - not really clear what was said as it is cut off) *crackle* *crackle* Yamato: "Reverberating Arrow"!!! Hatcha: !!?
  9. Enjoy le résumé complet Full summary.Chapter 995: "Kunoichi's oath". In the cover page, Luffy is lazing around in class. His teacher is an owl and his classmates are the Risky Kyoudai from Thriller Bark (the squirrels). Marco tries to stop Big Mom from joining the battle in Onigashima, so they clash. Marco says he isn't sure yet what will be his role in this battle, but he knows how dangerous Big Mom is better than Luffy and the other. Prometheus' fire clashes with Marco's phoenix fire, Prometheus loses since phoenix fire is a special type of flame. Big Mom grabs Marco by his neck and holds him up so Perospero can shoot him with his "Candy Arrow". Carrot and Wanda attack Perospero together in their sulong form. Perospero's face is slashed with 2 claw marks with a lot of blood. Wanda tells Marco they will take care of Perospero themselves. Big Mom is annoyed that she's wasting time with smaller battles. Big Mom: "If you want to kill me, we can settle this later. I have no soul to use on you right now." Then Big Mom flies back in Zeus to Onigashima's castle. Marco hears the sound of people screaming about Ice Oni coming from the castle. Back to Onigashima main stage. Brook caught Queen's "Koorioni" but it does no damage to him since he has no blood or flesh. Queen looks Sanji's Wanted poster. Queen: "So Judge’s son is in this crew. Vinsmoke Judge..." Apoo attacks people chasing him with "Don!" exploding music. Zoro and Drake attack Apoo together, Apoo panics but he manages to block them both with a tonfa. Chopper looks at Brook and realizes something about the Koorioni's condition but then he realizes he also caught it. One of his arm is now covered in ice. Cut to Ulti & Page One Vs. Usopp & Nami. Nami is knocked to the ground, covered in blood. Usopp fights Ulti, he uses "Midori Boshi: Devil" to grab Ulti. Usopp is about to melt her, but Page One bites the plant and saves Ulti. Usopp then uses "Midori Boshi: Take Javelin" to pierce Page One, but Ulti attacks him with a headbutt. Usopp's skull breaks and we see the same image as when he fought with Mr. 4 and Miss Merry Christmas in Arabasta. Ulti then grabs Nami and says she's really angry with Luffy becouse he announced that he will beat Kaidou and will become Pirate King. Ulti: "I will spare you if you say "Our captain will never become the Pirate King"!!" Nami replies Ulti crying and bloodied. Nami: "Luffy WILL BECOME the Pirate King!!!" Ulti is about to kill Nami, but Otama and Komachiyo appear out of nowhere. Komachiyo bites Ulti's head... END. No break next week.
  10. voilà une version plus clair du spoil en anglais : - Marco vs Big Mom, Marco’s flame can damaged Prometheus - Big Mom grabbed Marco, and Perospero was about to attack Marco, Carrot and Wanda in the sulong form. - Big Mom put down Marco and walked away, Carrot and Wanda ask Marco to chase Big Mom, Perospero and the others will deal with Carrot and Wanda - Apoo running around Onigashima - Queen mumbled to the straw hat group "Unexpectedly there is a son/bloodline of Germa" - Chopper infected with an ice demon - Usopp vs. Ulti, Usopp was hit by "????" - Ulti catch Nami and saying "Your captain can't become Pirate King" - Nami replied "Luffy will definitely become Pirate King." - Tama and Komainu/Gyukimaru in Onigashima .
  11. Full summary.Chapter 993: "Wanokuni's dream". In chapter cover, Lola and Gotti got married!! Chapter starts in the "Fire Festival". Although people in the "Flower Capital" are smiling, deep down all of them fear Orochi. "Fire Festival" is the only day when all of them are happy becouse it's the only day Orochi leaves the "Flower Capital". People are telling tales and dreams about how the Kozuki are fighting Kaidou and Orochi on Onigashima right now. Since "Fire Festival" is the only day they are free to dream. Back to Onigashima. Queen is using the "Plague Bullets: Ice Ogre". These bullets turn people into ice onis. All f them have horns, are covered in ice and go bit people. Luffy and Sanji confront one Headliner whose hand is the upper half of a gorilla body. He seems pretty strong so Luffy prepares to stop and fight. Sanji gets angry saying he can take out this enemy for Luffy in only 10 seconds. However, Jinbe appears and easily takes care of all enemies around them. Sanji gets annoyed thinking how Jinbe is so good in everything. Jinbe then joins Luffy and Sanji to go to Onigashima's dome. Cut to Yamato, Shinobu and Momonosuke. There is a cat watching them, the cat has a paper covering its face and the paper has an eye (like Who's Who tatto). The cat informs Bao Huang about Yamato and Momonosuke location and then Bao Huang informs King. King announces to all his subordinates that half of the intruders are samurai serving Kozuki. If they can kill Momonosuke, the battle will end easily. Sasaki appears with Kaidou's armored troop. They all fire at Momonosuke but Shinobu protects him with her body. Yamato stands facing Sasaki and the armored troops. In Onigashima's dome, Kaidou murmurs that he saw Oden's shadow in the Red Scabbards' attack. But as he thought, the Red Scabbards are not Oden. Kaidou: "I would have been fine with letting myself killed. There will never be any samurai as strong as Oden! Your power isn't enough to kill me!!" The wound caused by the Red Scabbards with the "Togen Totsuka" makes Kaidou bleed, but isn't enough to reopen the old wound Oden caused him. Kaido roars and send "Kamaitachi" (Wind Blades) from his mouth, cutting Kiku's entire arm... End of chapter. No break next week.
  12. Theres seemingly a a panel of Yamato chasing Momo.No King or Queen this Chapter.According to Redon, chapter tittle is "Remnants" or "Survivors" or "The rest of the party" (depending on the context, meaning will be confirmed later when more info are available)
  13. Chapter 991: “Please let us die!”. In the cover, Pound hugs Lola and Chiffon for the first time in 26 years T_T Drake thinks about his conversation with Koby. Koby said him that Luffy has the power to attract other people. Zoro blocks Drake, he sais he can't trust him. Jinbe warns Drake that there are rules of honor even in pirate world, so he can't trust either in someone who switch side easily. Luffy: "Oh, it's OK. We can fight together." Zoro & Jinbei: "Shut up you idiot captain!!" In other part, Page One transforms and attacks samurai but he's hit by Usopp's Midori Boshi: Dokuro Bakuhatsu So (Green Star: Skull Bombgrass). Ulti tries to find who fired the shot to her brother and she sees Nami. Nami: "I'm Nami and I love to get rid of lizards like you!!" However, it's not Nami the one that talks. Usopp is behind Nami, he's the one that said that to Ulti. Nami and Usopp run away, making Page One and Ulti follow them. Apoo attacks Luffy (he's not using Gear 4) but Luffy covers his ears in time to avoid Apoo attack. Apoo tries to help Haccha to become sober. He's in charge of controlling Numbers and says that the other Numbers got defeated easily because they were drunk. Haccha sees Franky and thinks he's a toy. Jinbei tells Franky to lure Haccha outside to help the samurai. Apoo tries to call other Numbers but Drake and Zoro attack him together. Apoo asks Drake if he's with this "weak" pirate group now, so Zoro gets angry. Drake has always dislike Apoo as well, so Zoro and him decided to join hands to defeat Apoo. But Queen appears and shoots them all with his machine gun. Drake seems shocked when he realizes what kind of bullets Queen used. Cut to the top of Onigashima's dome, all Kaidou's men and Number Nanki are defeated. Jack is thrown to the ground heavily injured with one of his tusks broken. However he also managed to defeat most of the Sulong Minks. Kaidou has to step in since Jack is about to be killed. Jack: "Sorry." Kaido: "Jack, you're not weak. Those two are just simply too strong." Then we finally see Inuarashi and Nekomamushi Sulong form in an amazing doublespread page. Kinemon thanks the Minks for opening the path to Kaidou for them. Kaidou tells Jack to go to recover. He then laughs and prepares his Bolo Breath. Kaidou: "How many times you think you can escape from this attack?" Kinemon: "We never think about escaping." Kinemon uses his "Kitsunebiryuu" style and cuts Kaidou's Bolo Breath in half. He also injures Kaidou's mouth. Red Scabbards: "We're done escaping and hiding. Please, let us die here as Lord Oden's samurai! And we'll take you along with us!!" END. No break next week.
  14. Spoil un peu plus détaillé -The key this week is Drake & Tobiroppo-The one Whos Who wants to kill = The one Queen wants to kill = The one Hawkins predicted (1% chance of being alive until the next day) = Drake-The reason why Who's Who is trying to kill Drake is not that he discovered that Drake was a navy, but because he suspected he had freed Law.-There is no confrontation structure-Luffy and Zoro face the Numbers-The last cut is Luffy, Zoro, Drake & Numbers-Break next week from worstgen
  15. From OP Discord-Take this with a pinch of salt - The one Queen wants to kill, comes to light, and it seems that he is a member of Tobiroppo.- The one Who's Who wants to kill also appears (it is implied that it is the same one Queen wants to kill).- Drake and Hawkins also appear in the chapter. Drake asks him "What are you doing?" and Hawkins predicts "The probability of survival until tomorrow of a certain person is 1%."- Break next week-by Redon on the Spanish site- Redon says “the Korean who has leaked the spoilers says that both queen and who’s who want to kill X drake”- Redon also says “There are more spoilers out there regarding Perospero and Smoothie but I'm pretty sure they are false”
  16. Traduction de la dernière page : Beast Pirates: They are the Straw Hats Pirates!!Luffy: Damn, crossing over it won't be easyZoro: We just have to focus on going up!!Sanji: Are all those flying birds using Devil Fruit?!Luffy: I'm going to kick Kaido's ass. I'm leaving the rest in your hands. Support my back.Everyone: Wooo, leave it in our hands.
  17. Petite erreur dans le spoil, c'est Robin et Jinbe qui se bat à côté de Robin Quoting redon :"Sorry, it's not Franky.- Jinbe and Robin fight together
  18. Les spoils un peu plus détaillés : One Piece chapter 988 ; Title; A Soulful entranceChapter begins with all minks transforming into sulong. Nekomamushi and inuarashi both manage to deeply scratch kaido but get taken down easily. Kaido uses heat blaze to knock most of them out. Scabbards attack from behind but kaido flies even higher. The heat with snow creates a fog which covers the moon.Big mom is chasing luffy and brook appears with a grand entrance knocking all the homies down with his song.King is keeping a watch on momonosuke but sanji comes from behind for an attack. King notices and clashes with sanji. King knows the evil Germa 66. Break next week Translation credits to Djiaebeey (Wg)Script up to pg.4 (translated from korean)Cover-Page 1 Gang Bege's Oh My Family vol.32 p.2-3 : 1. Kaido: As expected, Mink tribe turn on the night of full moon into berserk warrior "sulong" worororo 3. (not sure who is talking, maybe Jack) I must have done it, samurai!! Allowing intrusion so far was coz of our lack of preparation.......!! Know that you will never be able to approach Mr. Kaido again!! 4. (likely minks but not sure who talks) Jack! Wait you-gara! Jack is the man of evil who ruined our country of 1000 year-long history I have told you many times that there is no samurai. 5. (again not sure who talks but it might be Raizo from context) I am the one right there who were said to not be there! A protected life, and I will repay you several times in this fight! p.4 1. It's you? Not yet... The dukes are... Let's prepare for Kaido ! edit : confirmed so far summary : - Chapter 988: "Sorry to wait" / "I've waited a lot" (the translation is not yet clear). - On the cover it looks like someone is shooting at Pound (possibly the Marines). - The first part of the chapter is focused on what happens on the roof of the Onigashima dome. - Jack reaches the roof of Onigashima where the Mink and Kaidou are. - The 3 Musketeers (Sisilian, Giovanni and Concelot) and the Guardians (Blackback and Roddy) transform into Sulong and face Jack.
  19. From @redonSanji vs KingBrook gets a moment with Big Mom
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