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spoil/raw/fr chap 79


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Scan 78 par MFT  :






Raw 79: 



Premières images raw 79: 




Premiers spoils raw 78 :


Continuing from last time, some alien slime is approaching Yui and Haruna. Mikado, Rito and Lala watch in horror as the slime wraps itself around the two girls and begins to suffocate them. Rito yells at Gaze to stop this, and Mikado surrenders and agrees to meet with Gaze. Gaze instructs her to come alone.


Mikado arrives at SOLGEM and thinks about how they want to use her medical practices to fuse the soldiers' abilities with alien matter to become stronger (there's also some mention of reproduction, not too sure). As she talks with Gaze, Eve slowly approaches. Suddenly, Lala bursts onto the scene and apologizes for the wait, then begins fighting Gaze's subordinates.


Meanwhile, the alien slime has totally covered Yui and Haruna, as two of the alien soldiers look on. Out of nowhere, Rito tries to attack one of the soldiers by furiously swinging a broom around, but misses  Eve then shows up and takes out the two soldiers.


Back to Mikado and Lala, Gaze tries to shoot at Lala but Lala slams right into him with the rocket that she made in the previous chapter. Gaze attempts to retreat but bumps into Mikado, who decides to administer her own payback with the help of some medical aids


Afterwards, Mikado apologizes to everyone for getting them involved in such a mess. Haruna and Yui forgive her, and Eve and Lala comment on how they're happy to have her around. Mikado thanks everyone.


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