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spoil/raw/fr chap 80


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Scan 80 par MFT  : http://www.mediafire.com/?5jhjcwxzzz2


Raw 80: http://www.sendspace.com/file/76ean4



Premières images raw 80:





Premiers spoils raw 80 :


Title is "Romance Master". Lala is chasing Rito again, but this time Rito manages to flee inside the school. Frustrated, Lala wonders how to approach Rito. Lisa and Mio arrive and decide to help Lala out by lending her a "How To" book on winning a guy's heart


Lala reads the book on the rooftop and practices several different expressions (including a tsundere, strange smile, and blushing ).


Meanwhile, Magical Girl Kyoko makes another cameo appearance on a TV in a nearby store


Lala finds Rito and decides to try out her new expressions on him, which freaks him out Peke quickly explains that she's simply following what the book told her. Rito explains that he likes Lala as herself, which makes Lala's eyes light up Peke gets nervous and sweats

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Lala fait comme toute personne amoureuse, sa me fait penser a Ichigo 100%^^.

Lala essai de charmer l'elu de son coeur voila tout,elle est forte et heureuse donc elle faibli pas.

Elle pleure donc c'est une preuve d'un grand amour.

J'espere qu'il finirons ensemble.

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