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spoil/raw/fr chap 81


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Scan 81 par MFT  :


Raw 81:





Premières images raw 81:





Premiers spoils raw 81 :


Title is "Love Queen". Saki and her cohorts are featured SD-style on the cover.


Lala is chasing Rito again, trying to make him eat her homemade lunch. Meanwhile, Saki was daydreaming about Zastein. Rin and Aya notice this and decide to hatch something. Rito is hiding from Lala when he gets captured by Aya and Rin.


The two reveal their full names as Aya Huzisaki and Rin Kujou, and after tying Rito up, they reveal Saki's interest in Zastein to him and instruct Rito to help get them together so Saki can confess. If he refuses, Rin tells him that they'll spread rumors that Rito took advantage of them , so Rito reluctantly accepts.


Rito calls Zastein via cellphone and tells him that the 'princess' needs to meet him at the school immediately. Zastein thinks he means Lala and agrees to go there. Aya is overjoyed that Zastein is coming and runs off to tell Saki. Rin smiles and tells Rito about how Aya was bullied when she was a kid, and that Saki witnessed this and stood up for her, so Aya is finally happy to return the favor.


Zastein arrives at the school and Saki is waiting for him. She's about to confess when Lala shows up and tries to feed Rito her 'lunch'. Rito flees and collides with Saki, leaving them in a compromising position right in front of Zastein Zastein leaves the two while Saki beats the stuffing out of Rito

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