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Spoil/RAW/Chap FR To Love-Ru Trouble 85


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Chapitre FR 84: http://toloveru.com/




Raw 85:




Chapitre Fr 85:













Spoil Anglais:


Run is at home, looking at a package that she had delivered from her spacecraft. Inside was a skunk-like alien. Run was happy that it finally arrived, as she plans on using it against Lala. However, when she lifts up the skunk it shoots out some gas in Run's face


Cover is Mikan wearing her outfit from the previous chapters.


Rito and Lala are at school in the morning when they come across a crying child in the hallway. This child turns out to be none other than Run, who had lost sight of the skunk alien. Apparently the skunk's gas turns people into kids


Lala finds the skunk sitting atop a tree. She tries to catch it, but the skunk shoots some gas and runs away, turning Lala into a child. The skunk then runs into Haruna and Yui, and it turns out Yui has a weakness for small animals Before she can pet the skunk, Rito comes in giving chase, which scares the skunk and makes it shoot gas onto her. Yui also becomes a child, but her personality hasn't changed


Meanwhile, yuri twins Lisa and Mio are at it again, with Lisa feeling up 'cameo girl''s breasts The skunk dashes by them and spreads gas around, turning them into kids. It also affects the odd teacher with the weird glasses and the lisp, turning him into a bishie


The skunk manages to turn most of the students in the school into kids (even Eve got affected ). Run finally catches the skunk but ends up falling from the school roof. She's saved by Lala, and starts to think that she isn't a bad person after all...till Lala decides to play and use her as a 'fishing rod'


Back in Mikado's office, poor Haruna has her hands full dealing with all the bratty students


Apparement tout le monde ce transforme en enfant en regardeant ou faisant quelque chose avec cet animal. ;D

Tout le monde en Loli. 8)

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Bon ben quoi dire sur la sortie du chapitre 85, ce se n'est qu'il est très rigolot commpe d'habitude, surtout au moment ou lala perd ses lolos et devient une gamine ainsi que tous les autres,


mais moi j'aurai aimé que ce chapitre se déroule en 2 voir 3 chapitres, qu'on trouve le remède du gaz de la mouffette au lieu qu'il soit temporaire et qu'il disparait avec le temps (je m'y attendait à celle là), mais dans l'ensemble on va dire que c'est drôle.. à plus..! :D :D :D

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