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Spoil/RAW/Chap FR To Love-Ru Trouble 86


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Chap 85: http://toloveru.com/


Raw 86:


Spoil 86:







Spoil Anglais:


Yui has returned to normal and is at home. She notices her older brother (named Yuu Kotegawa, who's 19) walking around without a shirt on and scolds him for being so carefree. Her brother doesn't mind and says he's not going to stay in the house long, but Yui is still upset and decides to go out.


Yui passes by Lala and Rito, and overhears Lala asking Rito about taking a bath today. She immediately thinks of an ecchi situation and screams, "Harenchi (despicable)! Is nothing sacred anymore?" Eventually she notices a bunch of hoodlums in front of a convenience store. She yells at them to get out of the way, but they ignore her and one of them grabs her from behind. Before they can do anything to her, Rito appears. He grabs Yui's hand and they run away from the goons.


While Rito and Yui are fleeing, Yui's brother Yuu notices them. Meanwhile, Yui and Rito are climbing a fence. Rito gets to the other side first, and as Yui is climbing down, she slips and almost falls...but Rito catches her and accidentally clutches her breast Rito begins to apologize like crazy, but Yui smiles at him and says she'll forgive him this time. Rito is surprised and mentions that Kotegawa can actually laugh. Yui gets embarrassed and screams, "are you trying to insult me!?"


Back at the convenience store, Yuu has disposed of the thugs and remarks how his troublesome sister always makes him worry. And back at the Yuuki household, Lala tries inviting Mikan into the bath


Le frère de Yui apprait!!!!

Un new perso sympa,Rito qui sauve Yui d'une bande de gros nul,elle aime Rito c'est sur sa fait une de plus.

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Salut à tous,


Ah ! ce chapitre m'a l'air interressant, la venue d'un nouveau personnage qui est le frère de yui kotegawa qui semble totalement à l'opposé de sa soeur, il m'a l'air beaucoup plus rebelle qu'elle, en plus il est beau goss (très bien dessiné), il risque de semer la pagaille dans le groupe de rito, j'attends ça avec impatience, en ce qui concerne rito, le petit malin les fait tomber toutes avec son ; je glisse ma main dans tes lolos quand tu tombe sur moi et tout ça sans faire attention, ah il est chanceux le rito quand même !! :P :P

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