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Spoil/RAW/Chap FR To Love-Ru Trouble 87


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Chap FR 86: http://toloveru.com/


RAW 87:


Chap FR 87: http://toloveru.com/








Two intergalactic bounty hunters have arrived on Earth. They've come after Eve, whose bounty is very high.


Meanwhile, Rito, Lala, Haruna and Mikan have decided to visit the local bathhouse. Lala enters the dressing room and is surprised to find Eve there. Haruna asks if Eve usually comes there, and she says yes. Mikan greets Eve and invites her to the bath.


Rito is relaxing in the bath when the bounty hunters enter. Eve is also taking a bath and reading a book. Mikan eagerly invites her to go shopping, but Eve tells Mikan that she should keep her distance from her, for her sake.


Mikan tells Eve to wait, but suddenly the bounty hunters send a giant robot crashing through the wall. They announce that they've come for Eve, but she makes quick work of the robot. Rito then appears with an antenna stuck to his head The bounty hunters then use the antenna to control Rito, who has been given the order to attack Eve...


Des chasseurs de prime après Ombre Dorée.

Sa promet un peu de baston.^^


ps: Johnny peut pas poster , il m'a demandé de le faire

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Sa fait plaisir de voir d'autre chasseur de prime extra-terrestre^^


Malheureusement pour Rito apparemment c'est lui qui combattra Ombre-chan à cause d'une antenne qui controle son esprit :D


En tout cas j'espère qu'ombre effectuera de belles techniques de combat pour renvoyer ces deux gugus d'où ils vienent ;)

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