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Spoil/RAW/Chap FR To Love-Ru Trouble 90


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Spoil anglais:

Hours before school starts, Mikado is at home watching the galaxy news while brushing her teeth. Her artificial clone is waiting for her to finish. Mikado notices something about a strange-looking jellyfish that is part of a news story focusing on specified biological organisms.


At school, the principal has put everyone on cleaning duty...but all the girls have to wear maid outfits Lala happily shows off her outfit to Rito, and even asks him to try one on Yui then shows up wearing the maid outfit , and Rito comments that he likes the new look. Yui blushes like crazy and yells at him


Haruna and Oshizu are busy cleaning, and Oshizu teases her about making a move on Rito. Rito then shows up and accidentally bumps into Oshizu, sending her spirit out of her body. Haruna asks if she's alright, and Oshizu takes the opportunity to possess her for a bit and flirt with Rito


Meanwhile, Saki and Lala are cleaning elsewhere. Lala is impressed by Saki's skills and calls her the "garbage queen", which pisses Saki off . While Saki yells at Lala, the mysterious jellyfish from earlier has found its way to the school and touches Lala's leg. It then morphs into Lala herself, while the real Lala is busy laughing at Saki's outbursts....



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Trés sympa les soubrettes :o ça fait plaisir et puis Mikado sensei whaou, je m'emballe un peu là.


Bon sinon Rito est toujours bien placé et au final ça lui retombe dessus il a vraiment de la chance et en meme temps de la malchance vu qu'il se fait engeuller.


Ce chapitre semble bien marrant comme les autres.

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