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Spoil/RAW/Chap FR To Love-Ru Trouble 94


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Raw:    ICI










Spoil Anglais:


Yui as hot martial artist =

Rito as flower shop peddler =


Ooookay....I've played tons of RPGs, and I'm pretty sure 'flower shop' was something an NPC would be doing. How the heck does that job even work? Does Rito throw flowers at enemies or try to sell them dandelions at a discount? What does he upgrade with, aprons?


While I'm not too pleased with Rito's current assignment, Kyoko does make an interesting observation about him at the end, so maybe all hope is not lost. Hopefully he'll ditch the straw basket for an actual sword and shield soon...


Poor Rito, this is starting to get really really stupid. It's no joke but plain abuse.




Voila ce qui va former enfin un mini Arc ^^ La Vf du 93 arrive sous peu ! En attendant voici le spoil du 94.

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Yui-chan en tenue de combattante et Lala-chan en pur tenue de princesse et Mikan en sorcière!!!! :P

Yui j'aime tes gros *******!!!!! xD


Ohlalala sa chauffe,j'aime déjà ce chapitre. ;D

Mes 3 favorites en un chapitre en tenue attirante,j'ai l'eau à la bouche. 8)


Je me réserve la page en clean avec Yui qui montre sa beauté clair et net. :P

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