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Spoil/RAW/Chap FR To Love-Ru trouble 95


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Spoil anglais:


Rito's "party" is currently working on leveling up by knocking out random enemies. Rito and Mikan are currently at lvl 4, while Haruna and Yui are at lvl 5. By nighttime, the crew is exhausted and decide to rest at a nearby inn.


Yui warns Rito, "if you do any perverted things tonight, I won't forgive you..." (yet she blushes and sounds a bit constrained when she says this )


The girls each take a shower, but it is not shown, only implied Afterwards, they discover that their room only has three beds, so poor Rito ends up sleeping in the hallway Haruna offers him a blanket to sleep with, and Rito thanks her. Yui notices this and looks slightly annoyed


Everyone is now asleep and Rito is having a nightmare about Lala being captured by a tentacle and screaming for help. He awakens and finds Magical Girl Kyoko on top of him (wearing the Star Wars Leia bikini ). She tempts Rito with an offer: "if you become my boyfriend, I swear that I'll return you to your original world. I'll be waiting in the Dark Castle..."


As Kyoko leaves, a giant monster suddenly appears. Rito knows that at their current level, his crew doesn't stand a chance, so they try to run away. But then the giant gets defeated by none other than Eve....in a bunny outfit


En clair on est vraiment dans une situation de RPG mais la enorme le costume de Kyoko.^^

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