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Spoil/RAW/Chap FR To Love-Ru Trouble 96


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Raw : Ici ^^



Images :






Spoil Anglais :


Kyoko returns to where Lala is and tells her to wake up. Lala notices Kyoko and is happy to see her. Kyoko laughs a bit and tells Lala things will get interesting from here on out, and Lala can't wait.


Back to Rito and co., the monster dropped an item that warps the party to Kyoko's castle instantly. Once there they meet Peke, who is relieved to see them. They encounter some monsters inside, which Eve quickly disposes of Somehow though, the game counts Eve as an exception so any kills she makes doesn't grant her experience points, thus she remains as a Lv 1 'philanderer'


The party soon encounters Saki and her minions, who are dressed as a ninja and elf Saki laughs and orders Aya to launch a preemptive strike with her magic, but Aya isn't used to her spellbook and casts the same spell Mikan did a few chapters back, revealing Saki and Rin's boobs Rito and co. use the opportunity to move onward.


Meanwhile, Run secretly watches the party from the background and is about to make her move, but is suddenly greeted by the pervert principal, who's almost naked Run quickly beats the snot out of him


Kyoko finally appears before Rito and co., and brings out Lala. She taunts Rito once more by saying, "Let's make it clear right now. Who will you choose, me or Lala?"




HoHO ^^ Il semblerait que Loon, Saki et ses deux acolites et le directeur soit aussi dans le RPG ^^


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