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Shokugeki no Soma chapitre 245


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Spoilers :


Chapter 245: The Charisma of Cuteness

The theme for the battle between Erina and Momo is Brown Sugar.
Momo has lots of colorful paste dough in the bowl.
Without drafting, she uses edible painting and cornet and creates a fancy illustration in a high speed. What she’s making is a roll cake with illustrations that is often seen in Japan. She then goes on to make another illustration.

Momo finishes her dish. Her creation looks like a castle from a dream land. Once you taste it, the deliciousness is so powerful that it will make you faint for a second. The high quality and mild sweetness cannot just be created from Brown Sugar. The answer is the Soy Sauce she used in the last phase of completing her dish. It’s an idea similar to Socaramel that makes a dish sweeter. The complex scent coming from the Brown Sugar perfectly matched with the richness of the Soy Sauce.

Mimasaka who traced Momo says that he knows the roots of her strength.
Her mother who loved her daughter more than anything told Momo that she would buy her anything. But Momo would every time choose a creepy doll.
However, all those items would later become hit products.
Her predictive power to foresee hit products of goods, paintings, children’s clothes, and sweets made her the charisma of cuteness since she was born.
She possesses the perfect nose to detect all cute objects in the whole universe. This is her backbone for the perfect castle she created.
Whoever enters this castle cannot dodge the lovely and pretty attacks.

So how will Erina confront this stronghold?

Source : Bakadata.com


Chapitre 245 VUS - The Charisma Of Cuteness


Un gros foçus sur ce match manifestement et un thème complètement sucré. De quoi donner + de grandeur à la future victoire d'Erina.


Original de voir que le roulé de Momo est déja terminé , pas besoin de 4 chapitres de préparation pour la faire perdre , même avec des pages de son passé.


Soma tranquille avec son thé . Tellement + agréable sans la cage et sans public détestable.

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