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Nuit 119

Andrew Waltfeld

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[glow=red,2,300]Scan par MFT Nuit 119 :[/glow]




[glow=red,2,300]Raw Nuit 119 : [/glow]




[glow=red,2,300]Premières images nuit 119 : [/glow]



[glow=red,2,300]Premiers spoils Nuit 119 :[/glow]

"Rabi..." Says Allen. Rabi with dull eyes was surrounded by sharp candles.


"Don't move, okay, Allen? My candles hurt a loooot. You should know that with your left eye."


"And since whenever I see the cute Linali over there I wouldn't want to make her into a mess..."


"Wait and see as I break Rabi."


Rhode stuck her tongue out and smiled with a face that seemed crazy no matter how you look at it, silently...her heart is consumed by cold flames


Scene change


"This is...an illusion" Rabi tried to convince himself in his heart, surrounded by the corpses of his comrades


And the fake Bookman asks Rabi.


"Yes...it is indeed an illusion. This is the shape of the history we write down...mere ink on paper called 'Humans'" (TN: 'humans'=ink on paper)


"Write with ink and not your hand(??) Does your heart hurt each time you draw out your ink?"


"What is our objective/mission, Rabi?"


"Whatever we throw away, we throw away for that one reason...the ones who travel beyond/outisde the world is none but us, the Bookmen"


"Ra...Rabi..." Linali who was hugged by Rabi spoke up with a shaking voice


"Am...am...I still...still in this...world?"


After saying this, Linali swung her sword/knife at Rabi's face..




Rabi wasn't wounded, but his bandana fell off and his hair returned to its natural state.(TN: Man that sounds so wrong...)


Linali held the sword/knife in her right hand, blood tears dripped out of her eyes


"You want to abandon us? We are not comrades?"


Linali who has a beastly expression on her face


"We are not ink on a piece of paper!"


The moment she howled, the zombies started attacking Rabi


"This is...an illusion!"


Rabi convinced himself and took a stance with a knife in hand


"So the way of survival is hamered in your head, 'Rabi'"


Bookman whose mouth corners smiled as he silently observed


Rabi closed his eyes.


"This is only a visionary illusion...I need to throw away my eyes and keep calm!"


The zombies who were cut by Rabi let out painful howls that tormented Rabi


"Whyyyy Rabi...whyyyy!?"


"Ignore them and get out from this place!!"


-you are the ones with a "Bookman's" blood-


"!!! Memories of the past-!?"


Rabi was sucked into past memories.


Inside Rabi's memories


A man who was shaking hands with Bookman.


"Welcome to the Black Order! I'm the *insert Komui's title* of the Science Class, Komui Li!"


Below numerous coffins were lined up...Rabi's eyes were those that held no interest in anything, he thought in his heart


"Coffins...a funeral? Looking closely, there are less than one hundred..."

"Even if some are alive, they're all wounded ones...the smell of the disinfectant is overflowing...my, my, this is..."


A girl stood crying before a coffin. Even with all the wounds present, she had beautiful hair-


"A losing battle..." Rabi spoke those cold words without a thought.


Seeing the world from a objective view with those cold eyes that are not a human's, Rabi was something like a Bookman.


The girl turned around and looked at Rabi with teary eyes...the girl who made a pitiful face was Linali...


Rabi was fascinated by the sight of the girl who turned around and faced him.


The young Rabi surrounded by pampas grass looks up at the sky.


"'Rabi' was the 49th fake name. You can see the battle(that Rabi had seen? Not sure.) with only the number of fake names alone."


"'Hidden history' is the truth that is not included by those of write down history"


"'To know something that nobody else knows', with that alone, I accepted my fate to become a Bookman"




Scene change to a grown up Rabi with a bored expression on his face


"No matter where I go, it's all about war, war, and more war. I understood well the fact that humans are fools."


Bookman who smoked a cigarette looked at Rabi. "(????) Be like the calm wind and don't go"<--this is totally wrong, I don't get this line


"It's just a temporary bedroom..."


"I planned to be like always...things like comrades suck-"


Linali sat beside Rabi to eat.


"Body size? I don't really care as long as it's something that kinda fits..."


"It's better if you get a uniform that fits perfectly. You can move around more easily, and it will be of help when battling the Akumas..."


Rabi who was to become Bookman felt a bit confused at this human of the Science Class that talked so cheerfully


"We just want to protect our comrade Rabi, just take the measurings" Linali gave Rabi a friendly pat on the shoulder.


Even so Rabi was still confused...


-up until now, it's the first time that a person becoming the strongest soldier in the war with akumas was recorded- <--translation a little bit rough around the edges-


The people at the Science Class and Linali, Rabi who laughs as he was talking to them


-these guys will probably not be included in the history eventually...-


"'Exorcists' huh...it's futile trying to take away my hope!"


The zombies continued attacking Rabi in the illusion.


In his head, his memory tape was still playing.


-one year...two years has passed with me in the Black Order-


-I don't even know if my smile was a lie or the truth...-


"S-stop it!" Rabi with a troubled expression.


-I was troubled by the old man's harsh words- <--rough translation


"Stop it...don't erase..."


The sound of something dropping.(I didn't include the SFX 'cause I don't know the english equivalent to it...) That was the trump card(Ace of spades) that he picked up during the time Allen was gone...


Bon, que les choses soient claires, rarement vu un spoil aussi embrouillé ???. Comme vous l'avez compris dans la première partie, Rabi est toujours sous l'effet de la dimension de Road. Pour la deuxième partie du spoil, les avis divergent sur le fait de qui embroche (poignarde) qui : Rabi qui poignarde les "faux" corps ou le contraire. Mais bon, faut bien ouvrir le topic avec quelque chose.

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Nouveau spoil, enfin, c'est plus un script qu'un spoil vu la taille. En gros, Rabi est bien emmerdé dans la dimension que Road a créé, des sosies de ses camarades semblent le tourmenter, une fausse Rinali essaye de le poignarder (Heeeeeein!!!!). On a droit aussi à des flashbacks sur Rabi (surement la meilleur partie du chapitre), on va peut être en savoir plus sur les bookman, alors vivement la raw et la trad.

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C'est vrai qu'il y a pas eu beaucoup de réponse, ça vient peut être du fait que le chapitre est pas très très clair non plus. Pas évident de tout capter que ce soit en français ou en anglais.


Parce qu'en faite les personnes que Rabi voit sont en faite des halucinations de Road qui leur fait dire ce qu'elle veut pour le déstabiliser, faut-il leur accorder du credit? Probablement un peu quand même.


Après il y a un truc que je pige pas trop, le bookman (panda) dis qu'ils (=les bookmans) resterons après la bataille ou un truc du genre, mais si c'est le comte qui gagne, le monde est pas détruit? Comment pouraient ils rester après?


Et c'est quoi cette histoire de 49ème nom.


Enfin pour dire que ce chapitre est un peu embrouiller pour moi, c'est peut être que j'ai les cerveau en bouilli pendant mes révision, mais j'ai du mal ;D.

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la traduction a été checkée à partir du japonais, justement parce que les US n'étaient pas clairs, donc normalement, pas de soucis à ce niveau là ;)


Mais je vous conseille de relire le tome où rabi fait sa première apparition. (tome 3 ou 4) Il commence à tout balancer sur les bookman avant de se faire arrêter par face de panda.


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Après il y a un truc que je pige pas trop, le bookman (panda) dis qu'ils (=les bookmans) resterons après la bataille ou un truc du genre, mais si c'est le comte qui gagne, le monde est pas détruit? Comment pouraient ils rester après?


je crois me souvenir que rabi est avec les exorciste c'est juste pour observe allen le destructeur de temps  ou c'est panda qui lui rappel qu'il aurai put etres dans l'autre camps me souvien plus trop , quoi qu'il en soit c'est eux qui ecrive l'histoire du coup , ils ne vivent pas les choses comme nous donc meme si le monde est detruit c'est juste un evenement pour eux , la fin de l'humanite de constitue pas la fin de l'histoire .


Et c'est quoi cette histoire de 49ème nom.


Peut etre qu'il nous a donne un faux nom , allez pur delire  on voit dans le scan qu'il trouve les homme stupid et ne semble pas s'attache a eux (p.12/13)et apres il se demand s'il etait vraiment heureux en etait avec allen et les autres . Peux pense qu'il s'invente une personnalite a chaque rencontre pour pas s'attache et etres un bookman , OU beaucoup plus simple il y a un bookman (je veux dire par la quand tu devien bookman tu n'es plus rien d'autre 49 bookman et le dernier ben rabi donc 49 nom different )

L'histoire du bookman a l'air plus psycologique que celle des autre personnages .


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