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spoil/raw/fr chap 78


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Scan 77 par MFT  :






Raw 78: 



Premières images raw 78: 




Premiers spoils raw 78 :


Title is "Crisis". An alien corps descends to Earth. Meanwhile, Mikado takes a shower, then strolls through the city while greeting the people. When she arrives at the school, she spots Rito running from Lala, who's carrying a giant missile


Lala says good morning to Mikado, then later asks her why she came to Earth. Mikado mentions something about the wind, which surprises Rito and Lala.


Meanwhile, Yui is carrying a stack of papers in the hallway. Haruna sees her and offers to help, but suddenly one of the men from the alien corps grabs Yui. Before Haruna can react, she too is also grabbed by an alien.


At the infirmary, Mikado is treating cameo girl's knee, which she injured from falling down the stairs. Rito and Lala are also there for some reason. Suddenly, an image of the alien corps leader appears before them. Mikado is shocked to see who it is, and asks, "Why are you here, Gaze?"


Gaze says that Mikado is the source of the alien corps' power and they need to "borrow" her. Peke yells something about the alien corps being an adversary of Deviluke. Gaze invites Mikado to his home world, and shows Yui and Haruna, who are now captives...


Nouveau perso nouveau méchant \o/ (enfin je crois)

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