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Spoil/RAW/Chap FR To Love-Ru trouble 108


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Spoil Images:

















Spoil Anglais:


Starts at Deviluke, where Zastin is surprised to hear from King Gid that Nana and Momo have arrived on Earth. Gid orders Zastin to bring them home.


Meanwhile, at the Yuuki household, Mikan tells Rito that the bath is ready. Before Rito enters, he notices someone already inside...Nana and Momo, sans clothes


Rito: "Oh God...!"

Nana: "STALKER!" *throws washtub at Rito*

Rito: "Already..?"


Momo and Nana (still upset at Rito) are now sitting in the living room. Lala asks them what's wrong while Mikan asks if Rito's okay (seems Nana beat up on him ). Lala wonders why they didn't just go straight to her, and Nana says that were not in a hurry to come out. Peke asks what she means, but Nana says "it's nothing! ".


Momo then asks Rito what made Lala want to marry him, for example a kiss, or other "interesting" things Rito screams "what are you talking about!" while Nana tells Momo she shouldn't know about those things


Nana accuses Rito of spying on them in the bathroom, but Momo says that can't be true since Celine (the big flower) told her that Rito is actually a kind person. Rito and Mikan are surprised, and Momo says, "oh, my sister didn't tell you? Nana and I have the ability to communicate with plants and animals". Nana brags because only Devilukeans have this ability. Then Zastin and his guards come in through the window, and Rito yells, "CAN'T YOU USE THE FRONT DOOR?!" Zastin is upset at Momo and Nana since they were supposed to be studying back at Deviluke but chose to run away to Earth just like Lala. Before he can finish, Mikan tells him they escaped


Momo and Nana have fled to a nearby bank and are catching their breaths. Nana says she completely forgot about Zastin, and Momo is upset since Nana also forgot to tell her they were going to run away Nana brags that she was just trying to look good and that Momo is just jealous, which causes Momo to grab her tail in anger Nana decides to return the favor and play with Momo's tail


Zastin and the guards catch up to the two and arrange for a ship to pick them up. He tracked them down with one of Lala's inventions and by reading the minds of the animals. Nana then pulls out a cellphone similar to Lala's and brings out her own invention, Boar-Boar Giga Chan, which plows through the bodyguards. Nana also uses her cellphone to summon the tree creature from Okiwana to capture Zastin.


Lala arrives on the scene along with Rito and Mikan, and the tree creature grabs Mikan While she's hanging upside down, Rito is being chased by Boar-Boar


Lala: "SUGOI! Being able to summon two rare animals like that, I'm proud of you two!"



Back on Deviluke, a transmission is sent to King Gid. Momo and Nana are communicating through Zastin's transceiver and tell their papa that they intend to stay on Earth for a while longer. Zastin apologizes, and Gid says, "Thanks for nothing!"


Du grand art,je veux bein les soeur deviluke dans mon lit,Rito a de la chance.^^

Tentacule avec Mikan...je bave Mikan est trop jolie. 8)

Décidement To Love-Ru sa poutre. =D

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Yeah, c'est le retour du Eichi ^^

J'vais ptêt cleaner quelques pages si tu nous refais pas ton coup de la dernière fois :D


J'ai eu un peu la flemme de la lire le spoil anglais, trop long mais ça annonce un chapitre sympathique en tout cas, on a encore pas mal de belles filles ^^

Reste à voir de quoi tout ça va parler mais avec les soeurs de Lala, ça devrait être assez marrant ^^

Sinon c'est quand le retour de Lala en eichi, ça fait longtemps ;D

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Ca s'appriecirait d'avantage encore si l'auteur faisait avancer l'histoire ...

Bien que se chapitre soit sympathique, à cause de lui, Zastin passe encore pour un con, à croire que su Devilduke, tout les habitants soit idiot, car je rapelle que Zastin est quand même le chef de la garde royale, et ce n'est pas rien !

Puis, encore retrouver des personnages extra-terrestre totalement folles qui viennent sur Terre ... On commence à en avoir l'habitude de rameuter tout le monde, donc là on va vers un excés des personnages ...

En bref, ça m'énerve de voire qu'on a encore de nouveau personnages récurent alors qu'avec ceux d'avant on avait déja du mal  :(

Donc vivement le prochain chapter

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