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Vraie raison de la fin de TLR ?


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- There is this person called Nakamura Ine who is quite famous on the Nico Nico website (a large Japanese online community somewhat like Youtube), who turned out to be a minor (last year in high school) and also insinuated that he has something going on with a Kashiwagi Shiho.


- Now this Shiho was the wife of Yabuki Kentaro, the author of To-Love-Ru. She met Yabuki when he was looking for assistants, seduced him and ended up becoming his wife and gave birth to a daughter.


- But she hardly did any house work, neglected her daughter, and spent most of her days in front of a computer spending time in Nico Nico etc.


- January 2009, when Yabuki was sick with flu and bedridden, she kidnapped her own daughter and disappeared, and it turned out that she left her daughter at her parents' place while she was doing this and that with Ine.


- February 2009, Yabuki 'begged' Shiho to return for the sake of their daughter, and Shiho did return to Tokyo, but few days later she dropped out once again with the girl, this time taking a notebook computer and Yabuki's credit cards. Yabuki later stopped the cards, but a large sum of money was already taken out.


- Yabuki looked for them everywhere, but to no avail. March 2009, Shiho demanded a divorce on the grounds of personality clash and a large chunk of Yabuki's assets, but when the evidence of her infidelity was discovered on her computer, she then changed her stance and demanded money in exchange for the custody right of the daughter.


- Realizing it would take over a year to settle things, Yabuki accepted her conditions and got the daughter back.


- Haruna Sairenji was based on Kashiwagi Shiho, and there is a reason why her role was reduced dramatically since volume 13, and Yui getting more prominent. And apparently Shiho has sued/demanded more money for the character of Haruna recently.


- A comment of Yabuki's while this was all happening:

[While I was working hard on a manga that was focused on taking young girls' panties off, another man was taking my wife's panties off.]


- I forgot to mention that following the dispute over Haruna's character right, Yabuki feared his daughter getting hurt by all the debacle, so he accepted Shiho's demand yet again and ended the series prematurely.




Donc apparemment ce serait à cause de sa femme et de problèmes conjugaux très sérieux.

Rumeur ou non? Si c'est non, les boules pour le mangaka et ce serait déjà énorme qu'il ait continué si longtemps vu les circonstances (femme qui le plaque, enlève son enfant, le trompe, lui prend sa tune, etc...).

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