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One shot - Kaiten!!


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Merci pour le One Shot Black Burn.


C'est très différent de D.Gray-Man. Il faudrait que les bulles soient traduites en français, parce que le début est assez bizarre.

On ne sait pas trop où on est. Et ce que ces personnages costumés font là.


On dirait qu'Hoshino aime bien les Golem aussi. Un petit monstre à tentacule avec un œil à la pupille multicolore. Je le trouve moins mignon que notre Timcanpy national mais c'est sympa.


Pour l'histoire j'attends impatiemment la VF.

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Merci pour le one shot !!!

Ça a l'air pas mal mais très différant de DGM ;D


Après je suis d'accord avec Mµû, on comprend pas vraiment ce qu'il ce passe :-X


Sinon j'ai eu une petite réflexion en lisant le chapitre : Le personnage masculin ressemble à un petit mix entre Allen et Link ! Il est trop mignon a rougir tout le temps~

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Les scans : [glow=red,2,300]http://www.mediafire.com/?vrkc3eb97g6nr27[/glow]


Verduister, qui traduit les spoils de D.Gray-man avec tgirl sur Mangahelpers, a traduit le One Shot Kaiten. Je verrais peut être pour en faire une traduction française imparfaite d'ici quelques jours, si le coeur m'en dit. Cependant, si quelqu'un en a envie, qu'il se le permette.


Cover: One is a Kaijin. Both are Heroes!?


Page 1


Master: Hahahaha!!!


Fallen soldier: Gu...

Fallen soldier: Damn...you...


Text box: Japan, a place where many evil organisations are born and every conceivable atrocity is committed!!


Box: The police forces that should’ve been holding them back have long been paralyzed.

Box: And several decades have passed.


Master: Ginza District 3 Squadron is no longer our enemy!!


Master: Hearing the panicked cries of the people of Japan is our ecstasy!!!


Below: Evil organisation: Gamshack.



Page 2


Underling: Master, what should we do with them?


Master: Fuhahahahaha. Write some embarrassing doodles on them and leave them dangling from the old Hattori Clock Tower.


Master: Now, my cute Kaijin, let the name Gamshack resound even louder throughout the world!


Master: The Sky Tree will be the next to fall!!!


Piropaya: Master.


Shouts in the background: Gamshack! Gamshack! Hail the Master!


Master: Yes, what is it...


Master: ...Piropaya, one of Gamshack’s Big Four?


Piropaya (P): Here.


Shouts in the background: Piro-sama, I love you! Piro!



Page 3


Letter: Letter of resignation.


P: Thank you for everything.


P: I don’t wanna do bad things anymore.


P: I’m going to switch jobs and become a Hero of Justice instead ♡



Page 4


Box: The local residents rose to their feet to defend themselves...


Box: ...And created their own defence force: Squadron!


Box: We are now in Kameari, District Katsushika.


P: Nakagawa District 5 Squadron "Go Queen" rejected me too...


P: And now...


P: I don’t have any money left. I can’t even go by train anymore. I guess I’ll have to go on foot now.


P: Let’s see... What other Hero vacancies are left...


P: ...


P: Uhmm.


P: Huh?



Page 5


Kid: Stop, you asshole!


Kid: Give back Sachiko’s lunch money!


Kid: Bastard. How dare you steal money from an elementary school kid!?


Kid: Dirt-poor Kaijin!


Kaijin: Get lost! Get lost! A brat shouldn’t have the nerve to walk around with 3000 yen anyway, pe!!!


P: (There are none left...!?)


P: (What the hell? No, don’t tell me...)


P: (Complete wipe-out!!??)


P: ....Ah.


P: Haa....


Box: Eye octopus Kaijin: Tsuruko.


Tsuruko (T): Pi-


T: Piro-shama!


T: Cheer up!

T: There have to be shome imbeciles out there who can shee Piro-shama’s brilliance!!


P: Haaa...



Page 6


P: Y-you’re right.


T: I ahm!


P: Master would laugh at me for getting depressed over such little things, wouldn’t he?


P: I’ll do my best.


Kid: Give it back!


Kaijin: Get lost! Get lost!


Kaijin: Move it!


Kaijin: If you don’t...


Kaijin: ...I will run you...


Kaijin: ...Down!



Page 7


Kaijin: !?


Red ®: .....Ah.


R: M-my... h-h... hat...


Kid: Huh? That Kaijin asshole was sent flying!


Kid: Ah. That girl! Watch out!



Page 8


R: Over there...


R: That’s where Reiko-sama’s statue is...


P: ...Even so...


P: ...They tell me “You’ll be badly received if your chest is too big” or “You have to be a size S.”


Text above Piro: Size L


P: Are looks really that important if you want to be a Hero?


P: It’s hard for Pink (female) Hero’s these days...


T: What ish good about having a figure that looksh like dried squid anyway!?


T: Those imbeciles’ interests are a mystery to ush Kaijin!


T: Piro-shama, you musht be tired from having to shleep outside all the time.


T: Hey, Piro-shama, why don’t we go back to the hideout and ask Master for shome pocket money?


P: No, Tsuruko.


P: I don’t want to depend on Master anymore.


P: I want to do things on my own...



Page 9


P: ...And find someone who truly needs me.


P: Huh?


R: No good!!


R: My clothes are causing wind resistance.


R: I’ll be 0.05 seconds too late.


R: It’ll be bad if he hits her!!


R: Reiko-san!!!



Page 10





Page 11


Kaijin: ....Ugh....


Kaijin: Y-you are....?


Kid: Give back the money! You, you...


Kid: Idiiiot! Idiiiot!


Kid: Morooon! Morooon!


T: P-piro-shama!


T: Blazhing hair...

T: A tight-fitting outfit...

T: Flashy, wild red... could it bhe...!?



Page 11


(The star of Hero Squadron...)




R: ....D-damn!



Page 12


R: (I got too worked up about Reiko-sama (statue) and accidently transformed.)


Citizen: What, what?


Citizen: It’s a Hero?


Citizen: A Hero?


Citizen: Where’s he from?


R: I’m.. standing out...


Box: This is bad...


Kid: You really helped us out, buddy.. .


Box: ...I’m drawing attention.


Box above the kids’ heads: Red’s inner vision.


Kid: No, not "buddy", it’s "Hero", right?

Kid: What Squadron are you from, Red? I’ve never heard of you before.


Kid: Thank you, Hero.


Kid: Us Hero fans not knowing you means you must be a from a newbie Squadron.


Kid: I see. If you were from a popular Squadron I’d want your autograph, but knowing your name is enough. Tell us.



Page 13


Box: There it is.


Kid: From what city is your newbie Squadron?


Box: I’m not a newbie though.


Kid: Wheeere?


Box: Also, I’m from this city.


Kid: I’m a huge fan of Oshiage District 1 Squadron’s Sky Tree Rangers but I’ll support your Squadron a little bit!


P: .....!


P: A new Squadron?


Box: C-c-c-c-calm down!!

Box: They’re not really interested. They’re just curious and just want something to post on their blogs and twitter accounts.


Box: Yeah, that’s it. That has to be it!!


Box: Go with the flow of being noticed, get cocky and give your name!

Box: But some nerd will look me up on the Internet and write stuff without my permission, divulging all kinds of things from my past!!


Kid: Hey!


Box: But, but... if I don’t say my name, won’t they think I’m a jerk!?


Kid: Look over here!



Page 14


Box: Even so.. they might look me up on the Internet....


Kid: Your – Na – Me.


Box: They’re on me.


Box: Those eyes.


Box: N-n-n-no!

Box: If they focus even more on me...


Kid: Maybe you don’t have a name...

Kid: Because your Squadron hasn’t debuted yet!?



Page 15


P: This battle suit!

P: I’ve never seen it before!


P: Which means I haven’t applied to your Squadron yet!?


P: I wanna...

P: I wanna...

P: Become...

P: A...

P: Hero!



Page 16


Box: ----No...


Box: It’s no use...



Page 17


Kid: Waa!


Kid: W-what?


Kid: An explosion?


Kid: Where did the attack come from?


P: ...No.


P: He...


P: ...Self-destructed,


P: Right?


Kid: ------


Kid: Why?



Page 18


Kid: I dunno what happened...

Kid: But that’s so lame....


Kazuyo: Huh?

Kazuyo: Wait a minute!

Kazuyo: That’s Koutarou, isn’t it!?


Co-worker: This isn’t working out.


Co-worker: Do you know how troublesome it is for us when you self-destruct on the battlefield and can’t fight anymore?


Co-worker: No matter how strong you are... You can’t use the 5-member-combo killer move.


Co-worker: Pink covered for you and got seriously injured.



Page 19


R: S-s-sorry.


R: I...


R: I can’t hold it back... When there are citizens around...


R: B-b-b-b-b-b-b-but...

R: I definitely won’t self-destruct the next time, so...


Co-worker: (.... What a pain.)


R: ....


R: ...Eh?


Co-worker: You’re the face of the Squadron, you’re the leader.


Co-worker: To be blunt, that whatever-it’s-called disease of yours...


Co-worker: ...Makes you unfit to be a Hero.


Co-worker: We’re going to join a different Squadron.


Co-worker: Sorry,


Co-worker: But if we stay here, we can never do anything.


Co-worker: You know, Red...


Co-worker: Have you ever looked us in the eye...


Co-worker: And talked to us...


Co-worker: Even once?



Page 20


P: Tamada Aquinas Sporadic Hero Hyper Self-Consciousness Syndrome?

P: What a long name for a disease.


Kazuyo (K): Isn’t it? I heard it’s an extremely rare disease that only effects Hero’s.

K: There are only 9 people in the world suffering from it!


K: Wondering how the people he has to protect think about him and view him....


K: It causes extreme anxiety about whether someone is fit to be a Hero, and also causes high stress levels and status ailments.


K: His disease is like that.


Box: A Kameari resident: Kazuyo-obachan. (* oba-chan = used to address an older lady)


K: This boy is Red Koutarou from the Kameari North Entrance Shopping District Squadron, but you’ve probably never heard of him, right?


K: He can’t fight in crowded places due to his disease.


K: A lot of the people here don’t know him either.


K: Right? Koutarou!


R: ....Please don’t rattle on about other people’s secrets, obachan.


P: Uhm, why do continue you work as Hero...

P: If it gives you so much trouble?



Page 21


R: No particular reason.


R: I was raised here so I want to protect this place.


K: Kameari Avenue Shopping District Squadron "Kaiten Five"!!


P: ? What’s Kaiten?


K: It means to get back your fighting spirit,

K: To liven up!


P: Waa! That’s a really pretty name!!


P: Ah.


P: But...


P: I was convinced his Squadron hadn’t debuted yet.... (embarrassing...)


K: Well, it’s nearly the same.

K: Blue and the others have already left. Koutarou is the only one left.


P: Huh?


R: (I told you not to rattle on.)


K: By the way, your name is Piropaya-chan, right?


K: Aren’t you getting tired?


K: Should I carry him?


P: No need.


P: I’m totally fine. After all...


P: I’m a Kaijin.


T: Piro-shama is shuper strong.



Page 22


R: K-Kaijin?


P: Yes.


R: You’re a Kaijin?


R: Doesn’t that make you a bad guy?


Text above Kazuyo: That octopus wasn’t a stuffed toy? Waa, I’m shocked.


P: No.


P: I left the organization for personal reasons.


K: ...


K: Ah.


K: I see.


K: (!!)


R: Whoa!


K: I-If that’s true, then, Piropaya-chan,


K: Won’t you join our Squadron!?


P: ....Huh?


R: W-w-what are you saying, obachan?!


K: It’s fine, isn’t it? My shop is your sponsor after all.



Page 23


K: It’ll be alright if it’s you!


K: Koutarou’s disease plays up around the citizens he has to protect and around his fellow Squadron members...


K: But he’s ridiculously unaffected by enemy Kaijin.


K: I see!

K: Why didn’t I think of it before?


K: That boy is already strong on his own...

K: But it’s kind of pathetic to be a Squadron with only one member.


K: I scouted for so many people and I had simply given up...

K: But, of course! I can just gather Kaijin!!


R: Wai-- Obachan.


P: It’s okay if I...?


K: Shut up already. You were able to talk with Piro-chan just fine a while ago, weren’t you?


R: Eh? Huh..?


P: You...


P: Need me...!?



Page 24


P: I’m so happy, Kazuyo-obasama!


T: Thank yhou, imbecile!!


K: There, there!


R: Wai-

R: Wait a minute...


R: S-she might be a Kaijin...

R: But she’s still cut--

R: Cute!

R: That’s...

R: It doesn’t just...

R: ...Make it oka---


K: Alright. We’ve arrived, Piropaya-chan!!!


K: This is the headquarters and sponsor shop of the Kaiten Five,


K: Soba-shop Kaiten!!


T: It ish a tiny shop!



Page 25


K: Come in! Come in!


R: O...

R: You’re just gonna ignore me?


K: Darling!

K: A new Kaiten Pink has arrived!


P: Koutarou-sama.


P: I’m still a newbie,


P: But as Kaiten Pink,


P: I look forward to working with you.



Page 26


R: I really...

R: Can’t..


P: Huh?


T: Ish that guy alright...?


Box: The Sky Tree towers over the neighbourhood.


Box: Someday,


Box: The fearsome Gamshack and this small Squadron will clash head to head,


Box: But that’s another story.


R: Legendary policeman, Ryoutsu Kankira-san,


R: I wanna be like you....


P: Who is that?



(Note: Ryoutsu Kankira is the lead character of the manga Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kouen Mae Hashutsujo)

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