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Nanatsu No Taizai chapitre 244


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Pic 1:
It's the Druids' altar…!!!
It's different from the one I know…

Pic 2:
You aren't Gil…
Who are… you?
Why did you call me here…?

Margaret… the owner of a noble, beautiful, venerale soul.
I was waiting for someone like you… to hear their prayers and grant their wishes.

Th… this voice is!?
I knew it…!!

My wishes…?
Your devotion will be essential for that.

No!! You mustn't lietan to him!!

Pic 3:
If it means rescuing Gil from Vivian,
I will pull through anything.

This is bad!!


Oh yeah… we taught that technique to the Druids some time ago…

Q255: Takashiki-san (Osaka): Did Hendrickson take an action that doesn't follow Fraudrin's agenda?
Nakaba: His naturally idiotic part cannot be entirely controlled.

Pic 4:
Ooh… I'm brimming with magic.
She makes a perfect vessel, possessing such an affinity with my magic…!!

What an extraordinary magic!! I've see it somewhere…
No… it isn't in my memory… it was in Fraudrin's…

!? …hey, what are you doing!?
The magic that's filled with light… you are!?

Pic 5:
…I am a Goddess.
Ludociel of the Four Archangels.

Obey me, humans…

Pic 6:
Join our Stigma
and let's destroy the Demons together!!
Center text: The cool-headed Goddess has come back!! The fight against the bitter enemies the Demons is once again brought back to the present day!!
Margin text: Ludociel of the Four Archangels has manifested himself by putting his soul in Margaret!! The Goddesses start striking back…!!!
Bottom text: There will be no chapter next issue. The series will resume in the issue 1.
To be continued in chapter 245 / The march of the holy maiden.


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Sympa ce p'tit chapitre sur les trois.


Le retour de Ludociel est une bonne surprise. Je m'attendais pas à le revoir maintenant.

Ça permet au passage de mettre Margaret en avant, c'pas plus mal.


Le retour de l'Archange est pas forcément une bonne chose, vu comment il était prêt à tout pour vaincre les démons, ça sent les grosses crasses en vue.

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