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Nanatsu no Taizai chapitre 304


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Version coréenne


Voici un résumé anglais du scan, désolé mais je ne pourrais pas vous le traduire aujourd'hui.

  • The Demon King asks Zeldris what he thinks he's doing. The sword is pulled from the head.
  • Zeldris tells him he has business with Meliodas and requests that his father leave the place. But before that, just one thing.
  • Did the Demon King order his son to dispose of the Vampires knowing that Zeldris has a relationship with Gelda?
  • Only a fool wouldn't notice the fatherly love to relieve their child from ailment. The Demon King adds that Zeldris is weak, and the weakness is the ailment.
  • The Demon King asks him who he thinks he is. He says his son had had trysts with that vampire girl in secret, that he went against his orders to simply seal the clan instead of disposing of them. He continues that Zeldris would eventually take the throne to create a world here everyone lives in peace. What a ridiculous idea.
  • He was only tolerating obedience as a merit. But this is over.
  • He then invokes the "Momentary Hermit", a humanoid similar to Dahaaka except he has no arms, just hair down to the knee around it. It then charges at Zeldris.
  • In the mental world, the Demon King attacks Meliodas but is pushed back with the darkness balls.
  • He notes that the darkness is able to pierce his armor and flash.
  • Gowther says the balls are made of compressed darkness, and King adds that Meliodas devised them basing on the Fairy King's "Compress Power" back at the druids' cave. But Meliodas' power has increased by far that there's no comparison with that time.
  • Meliodas says his strength boils by just thinking that everyone's with him and tells them to go help Ban.
  • The Demon King swings his sword at his son but the weapon gets gnawed away. Meliodas sends his balls straight at his father's face.
  • Escanor tells Meliodas he's bothersome at noon and useless at midnight, still he'd gladly risk his life for the captain. But he owes his life to him and is his friend.
  • Merlin tells Meliodas is his sis-sis ever gave up, she'll have him keep the promise. Meliodas asks if threatening him in this situation is a normal thing for her. We see Escanor clueless about the promise.
  • It's Gowther's turn: Him retaking his heart is all thanks to the Seven Deadly Sins. That's why everyone must gather and Meliodas must absolutely return.
  • King says he wants to talk to him face to face and to apologize, and Diane says Meliodas the Seven Dadly Sins' Dragon's Sin of Wrath is the strongest.
  • Meliodas is happy with all that and tells them he'll treat all of them to booze once he gets back there.
  • Elizabeth tells Meliodas the'y ll be waiting for him. All in the middle of the captain fighting with his father.
  • The Demon King falls back down and Meliodas says he'll go now.
  • Back in the real world, Zeldris fights the humanoid. The Demon King doesn't forgive Zeldris for betraying him. Probably what Zeldris is reminiscing.
  • Zeldris has to admit one thing: What his father had, he himself was unable to have it. The resolve to turn the world into their enemies for someone they hold dear.
  • He then activates Ominous Nebula to draw the humanoid near him and chop him down.
  • The Demon King is seen doing something to the lying Ban, and the panting Zeldris shouts Ban to exorcise his father out of Meliodas' body.
  • The Demon King shoots a ray that pierces Zeldris. Mael wonders how, given that magic attacks shouldn't work on him.
  • The Demon King says he's the one who gave his son his power. He's about to strike his son again when Ban knocks him with his foot.
  • Zeldris falls down and is sure Meliodas will be able to change everything. He entrusts it to him.
  • In the mental world, Meliodas deals a blow to his father and says the next one decides it all.


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