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spoil/raw/fr chap 77


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Scan 76 par MFT  :






Raw 77:  



Premières images raw 77:  





Premiers spoils raw 75 :


Title is 'Troublesome Night'. Starts with Rito all beaten up from what happened in the bath  Lala, Haruna, Mikan, and Eve have all donned pajamas and are ready to sleep. Haruna stays with Lala while Eve goes with Mikan, and Rito sleeps by himself.


Lala turns to Haruna and comments that “today was fun, let's continue to get along after this, ok?” Haruna is a little surprised, but smiles and says yes.


Meanwhile, Rito is worried that Haruna will be upset over what happened earlier and can't sleep  Suddenly a scream is heard outside. While it was just the plant (whose name is Celine, btw) coughing, Rito thinks it's a thief and goes to check. He runs into Haruna, who accidentally hits him in the face from shock  The two notice a trail of drinking water on the floor and follow it.


They end up at Mikan's room, who is sleeping soundly. Rito notices that she's alone in her bed, and wonders where Eve went. Suddenly one of Eve's hair blades takes a swipe at him, and he notices her standing in the corner. However, Eve is actually asleep


Rito and Haruna hear a noise from the kitchen, and the two retreat to the nearby closet. Haruna says that she's scared, and Rito tells her, “don't worry, I'll protect you”, which surprises Haruna. As the person from the kitchen draws closer, Rito moves in to attack...and immediately gets KOed by drunken daddy


Haruna is startled at first, but remembers Rito's mention of protecting her and smiles. Meanwhile, Lala is happily asleep and dreaming of Rito

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Ca fait pas trop avancer le chmilblick, d'un coté le couple rito + lala semble être devenu proche, de l'autre Haruna + Lala sont vraiment amies et donc Haruna risque ne pouvoir déclarer sa flamme à Rito vu qu'elle penserat à Lala enfin de l'autre Haruna + Rito sont dans des situations pas possible qui les rapproches d'avantages ...

Le train train habituelle quoi ^^

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