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Nanatsu No Taizai chapitre 240


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voila les pics:




Pic 1:
This is bad.
Hey, lord Zeldris. Were you talking about the tea I prepared… or about this situation?


That's the man who lives to play the good-natured old man who only gives a lot of thinking to Meliodas, right?
Once he understands he can't rescue his pupil, he will reveal his true nature.

He will then be way more than they can handle.

Pic 3:
Gah…!! Ah!!! Oooh!!!
He… he's still alive!!!
Hawk, come here fast!!

…he's too much for us.
His level is very diferent from us!!!

Pic 4-5:

You've just!!! obtained!!! the "certain death"!!!

Oh… oh no.
Everyone escape!!


A sword cane!?

Pic 6-7:

I'll save you some time here!! Ban!! You take Meliodas and the others and run away while you still have the chance!! Hurry up!! Waste no time!!!
Idiot!! As if I can leave you behind!!

What can you do, when you're nothing but a hindrance!!?

Lady Elizabeth, grab Diane!!


Pic 8:
No!! I will fight with you!!

I'm sorry, Diane. …since I'm a useless king…
I couldn't protect Helbram, the Fairy Forest and the fairies.

That's why at least let me protect you and everyone else…
I'd at least like to end my life as a Fairy King.

No… no, noooooo!!

Pic 9:
I beg of you!!! Please go!!!

Pic 10:

Pic 11:
He carried too much on his shoulders.
Even a king can rely on someone from time to time.

Seven Deadly Sins…

We leave the future of Britannia in your hands…

And please protect our old friends…
Meliodas and Elizabeth…

Now, let's go, partner.
…we the kings of old

Q251: Ramuda-san (Nagasaki Prefecture): Wouldn't the Goddesses' wings get in the way to their everyday lives?
Nakaba: That's why their living spaces are made so that the wings wouldn't get in the way.

Pic 12:
will gladly be the cornerstone for the future!!!
Center text: The preserved hope shall not be extinguished!! The forefathers of the Fairy King and the Giant clan enter the fray!!
Margin text: Facing a suddenly changed Chandler, King has made his resolve to die!! The ones who showed up in such a plight are the Fairy and Giant men of valor!!
Bottom text: To be continued in chapter 141 / Inherited fiend.


enfin une forme de combatant!

comme ça on peut comprendre comment il a été le maitre de meliodas ;)

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Chandler revient dans le game avec une nouvelle forme. Là ça rigole plus.


L'intervention de Dolor et Gloxinia est une bonne surprise, je pensais pas les revoir maintenant. Bon j'sens par contre qu'ils vont permettre de battre le démon mais pas en sortir indemne.



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moi perso je pense qu'ils vont etre eliminé par chandler.


ils ont cedé leur place au nouveau, ils n'ont plus rien a faire maitenant..

et chandler est le plus puissant demon sous sa meilleur forme... c'est dommage de perdre face au deux qui avaient du mal face a un meliodas a moitié force et qui se sont fait ridiculisé par une seul attaque a distance de escanor.


je pense qu'ils vont juste permettre au sins d'aller se cacher  

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