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Shokugeki no Soma 286


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Spoilers :


Takumi and Megumi also have passed the first challenge. Takumi’s assignment was to provide baby food to infants and Megumi’s assignment was to create a dish that a dog and their owner can enjoy together. Takumi has a weird feeling that BLUE, which used to have a normal competition procedure, has changed so drastically.

They have created a convenience store within the second gate. WGO’s officer Lantabi explains the rules for the second gate. The task this time is to use the various items in the convenience store and create a dish for Labita that makes them say that this dish is worth paying 100$. While used items will be restored again, popular ones will run out quickly, so each chef must carefully think about their recipe. Although most ingredients are present, some chefs are wondering what they should do without the top ingredients they usually use. A 100$ worth dish usually is a top class French course menu, so a simple dish won’t reach that level. But Soma thinks that the judges are looking for something beyond that.

The chefs that start from the second gate appear and among them is Tsukasa. He’s shrinking being surrounded by famous chefs he doesn’t know and looks happy to meet someone he knows in Soma. 

Soma is surprised that Tsukasa chose to participate in this competition, considering he hates cooking in front of the mass. When he got the invitation, he wasn’t sure either at first, but he doesn’t feel like he will lose to anyone. He feels like he has become stronger over the last months. If they plan to reach the end of this competition, then creating a dish worth 100$ should be expected, so Tsukasa suggests to Soma to compete who manages to create a more expensive dish, and Soma accepts it as the first seat.

Source : Bakadata.com


On a déja vu Megumi à l'oeuvre mais ça ne m'aurait pas déplu de voir cuisiner Takumi aussi , çar on risque de le voir cuisiner quand il va perdre ...


Bon je m'attendais à ce que çela soit au 3ème Round , mais tant mieux de voir le Chevalier Blanc de retour , qui risque de gagner contre Soma cette fois. (Quid de Rindo ou d'autres C10/ ex- C10 comme Madame à la casquette?)


Le thème de ce Round peut être interessant.

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comme je le pensais, Tsukasa et probablement les autres ex-3e année du C10 ont l'équivalent du niveau de la 2eme porte. Après, on peut être sûr que plusieurs d'entre eux ne sont pas au blue juste car ça ne les intéressera pas (le gars des sushi et des ramens par exemple).


Et bien entendu, Tsukasa et soma vont être en compétition. Bon par contre, c'est vrai que c'est assez marrant comme concept d'épreuve. Je ne demandais comment ils allaient faire une épreuve aussi selective, mais il est vrai qu'avec des ingredient bas de gamme, faire des plats très haut de gamme, ça parait une bonne façon de voir les aptitudes des chefs à sublimer leurs ingrédients.

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