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Shokugeki no Soma 267


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Spoilers :



The culprit of the recent incidents was the foreigner. While it’s true that he likes visiting hot spring inns, to him customers are kings, and one needs to serve the best quality food to kings. This is the ultimate hospitality. He has been challenging them to a Shokugeki in order to get the type of food he desires.

The ingredients he brought are all top quality and his skills are also top class.

The foreigner is part of the group known as the “Le Cuisine Noir”  (Midnight Chefs) and after they have found out what a shokugeki is, they started to make their moves. As a foreigner living in the underground world, a battle where you don’t bet your life is soft to him. His aim is to bring the best kind of hospitality to Japan.

Hisako: “There are really people like that? You don’t mean to say that these people are behind this incident…”

Erina: “That’s right…I don’t know how, but they have found what a Shokugeki is…! I can’t ignore this!! Shokugekis are the pride of our Tootsuki Academy!!!”

Megumi: “Excuse me. Can I have a second? I think you’re misunderstanding what hospitality means… “

Source :Bakadata.com



Il semblerait donc que certains profitent des Shokugeki pour s'en servir en dehors de Tootsuki (pas contente Erina) , reste à savoir si c'est seulement un petit groupe comme celui-ci , ce qui m'étonnerait.


Au moins l'étranger semble être un nouveau personnage , important ou pas? 

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Apparemment on a affaire a une organisation qui s'appelle les chefs de la nuit(ténebres) et apparemment ils ont découvert les shokugekis.

ils pronent une cuisine basé sur les meilleurs ingrédient nul doute que Soma va lui mettre oune racletta!

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megumi me fait pensé a rinko car c'est deux la soutient le premier seige. A mon avis c'est megumi qui va affronter le touriste car il s'attaque a son domaine qqui est l'hospitalité  épisode 12 saison 1

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