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My Hero Academia chapitre 243

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Chapter 243: Here we go! Endeavor Agency
New Year's Eve
Deku is home for a day with a Pro Hero guard.
He talks to his mom about the joint training and his letter from Eri and his mom starts crying, she's just so happy or maybe worried.
In a mansion somewhere
Hawks went to buy coffee and then heads back to PLF headquarters.
Slidin' Go fusses at him, "Stop flying around! I'm higher ranking than you in the PLF!" and Hawks respectfully gives him a PLF pose.
But Chikazoku appears and gets all friendly with Hawks, saying Hawks has more influence than Slidin' Go and can get them insider information.
Apparently they have micro devices attached to Hawks' wings and plan on exposing the heroes.
The origin trio (Midoriya, Todoroki, Bakugo) decide to go to intern at Endeavor's agency and meet him.
Endeavor tells them that honestly he only wanted his son to come.
Deku notices that Endeavor seems changed since he saw him at the Sports Festival.
In a flashback, Deku remembers All Might advising him that "If the two of you (Bakugo and Midoriya) are going to become top heroes then this is a chance you shouldn't miss out on".
After that there's a villain attack and Endeavor tells them to stay back and watch him, but there they find Hawks too!?


Translated by fukuoka


No chapter next week.





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Bon on est dans la transition mais au moins elle a l'air de prendre fin. Ça serait sympa de mieux utiliser la mère de midoriya.


Il semble que le trio risque de devoir combattre aussi. Le terrain rien de mieux pour voir ses limites et les dépasser.

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Les traduction de mangastreams sont vraiment plus agréable à lire que les 1eres fast trad.

Comme d'habitude cela se met vite en place et la baston est déjà annoncée pour le prochain épisode.

Avec le big 3 + le n°1, cela va envoyer 🙂 Et pour équilibre, je verrai bien qqs nomous ! 

Test du nouveau front paranormal de libération ? On le saura rapidement.


J'ai l'impression que nos héros ont eu une petite poussée de croissance. Deku fait beaucoup plus ado.


Tous le monde voit All Might mourir mais je me demande si ce serait plutôt Endeavour ?



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La petite phase de transition est (enfin) fini ça ne m'avait pas deplu mais bon, je suis tout de même heureux qu'on retourne à l'intrigue initial.

J'ai hâte de voir si nos 3 héros ont fait des progrés. 

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